Look to see what we have been doing in Year 1…

Year 1 trip to the Beach and Tynemouth Aquarium

This week year 1 had a fantastic time at Tynemouth aquarium and the beach. We learnt lots about different fish and how we can keep them safe in the sea. We also had a great time playing in the sand.

Fruit Kebabs

This week, we have been celebrating Health Week! We have taken part in all sorts of amazing activities, including making Fruit Kebabs. Some of us even tried some new fruit. It was wonderful! Click on the link to watch our video: https://youtu.be/ndsasXG4tdQ

Europe Week

We had an amazing time during European Week. As Year 1, we investigated the different countries that go together to make the United Kingdom.


Flag Parade

This week we have been learning all about the UK. We made each countries flag as well as the Union Jack. We then paraded around school waving our flags. Check us out!

An exciting letter in the post 😄

Year 1 received a very exciting letter in the post today. It was a reply from our letter to David Attenborough. The children were very excited and could not wait to read it! David thanked us for the lovely letters that we sent him and said he was thrilled that we enjoy watching his programmes. Thank you, David!

Letters to David Attenborough

As part of our literacy lesson, we have written letters to David Attenborough because have been learning about him in our topic lessons. We thought carefully about what we would like to say to him. Then we took the letters to the post box to post them. Here are our photos.

NSPCC Number Day

In school, we celebrated the NSPCC number day. We all came to school dressed as a number and donated money to the NSPCC, to keep children safe. We had great fun making number bingo games and playing them with our friends.

Zoo Lab Visit

Year 1 had a very exciting afternoon when Zoo Lab came to visit. Rob showed us lots of different and interesting animals as well as telling us some fantastic facts! Here are some photos.

Tree hunt

Year One went on a tree hunt to identify different trees and leaves they could find. We worked in partners to record our findings on a scavenger hunt sheet.

Bean Planting in Science

We have been learning about what a plant needs to grow from a seed into a big, strong plant. We have planted our own bean seeds to make sure we know how to care for them. Take a look at the pictures below.