Look to see what we have been doing in Year 1…

Making Waves at the Beach

We had a fantastic time at the beach! We boarded the buses and made our way to Seaham Harbour… and stepped onto the sand! We spent our day identifying rocks, exploring the beach, and working as teams to create figures out of different beach rocks. We had a seaside pack lunch too! Our favourite part was when we took off our shoes and went to the water. Our teachers were so proud of us as we stayed safe in the sun with lots of sun cream and we drank plenty of water. Amazing day everyone!

Posting a Letter to David Attenborough

We have been learning all about David Attenborough and his love for the world. We were fascinated by his work and we decided to write him a letter. We asked him lots of questions and hoping for a reply. We went to the post box to post our letters. We then had a quick play on the park before we came back home.

Non-Fiction leaflets about crabs

We have been learning about 3 very important types of crab in our topic lesson; the Japanese Spider crab, the pea crab and the hermit crab. We found facts and then typed them on Purple Mash to create a leaflet. Take a look at some of our work:

Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

We have had an amazing day with a huge party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We took part in Garden Games, dancing, a special assembly and a little trip to the park! It was great fun!


We have been lucky enough to go with some of Year 5 to compete in a Panathlon. We took part in 7 different activities which challenged our throwing, aiming, balance and co-ordination. We were amazing and came 3rd place. We had so much fun and are very proud of ourselves.

Fish Quay

Our topic this term is Under the Sea. As a hook into our topic, we went on the mini bus to the Fish Quay. We had a walk along the river and discussed what we thought we might see or live there. We had a chat with a fisherman who explained his job role and how creels work. We then went into the Fish Quay shop where the fish mongers helped us to learn all of the names of the sea creatures. We were even lucky enough to have a hold of the crabs, fish and lobsters. Take a look at our amazing day!

Identifying and Classifying

We have been learning and identifying parts of a tree. We went outside to observe the features of a tree and we fascinated by the way different parts of the tree feels. We collected different leaves, comparing and talking about them. Inside we did leave rubbings and leave bashing, enhancing our vocabulary as we discussed what we could see. We had lots of fun. Take a look!

Being a good friend

We have been looking at ways we can be a kind and useful friend in Year 1. We looked at different situations and sorted them into ‘being a good friend’ and ‘being a bad friend.’ There were lots of ways we could discuss to make the bad situations better! Well done Year 1!

Happy Birthday to The Daily Mile!

This week, it is the tenth birthday of the daily mile! We have a track around the yard where children can run a mile to keep fit and healthy whilst counting lots of steps. Year 1 celebrated the mile’s tenth birthday by running, skipping, hopping and walking a mile around the playground. Well done everyone!

The Easter Story

Year 1 have been learning about the main parts of the Easter Story. We looked at what happened over Easter Week and then looked for symbols for why we celebrate Easter today.

We had great fun role playing the story and thinking about using different facial expressions for how the characters could be feeling.

Virtual Toy Tour around Beamish

Year 1 joined Mr Woolley from Beamish on Monday afternoon to go searching for some toys. These toys were special because they are what children used in the past. There were no ipads, games consoles or computers! We had a fantastic afternoon playing with ‘cups and balls,’ flick books, Pick Up Sticks and marbles. Here are some of our photos.

Amazing Angela’s Ark in Year 1

We had some special visitors in Year `1 on Thursday – we were lucky enough to have Angela bring some wonderful animals for us to hold and look at. There were geckos, bearded dragons and skinny pigs! We learnt about where they live and what they like to eat in their habitat. Here are some of the photos from the visit.

Fabulous RWI in Year 1

Year 1 have been working very hard to perfect being a ‘perfect reading partner’ during our Read Write Inc lessons. We need to make sure we are: sitting with our partner, listening carefully and pointing carefully to the word which our partner is reading.

World Book Day

We have had the best World Book Day today! We have been dressed up as our favourite book character, made a Gingerbread Man dance, have designed our own book front covers and have attended the Reading Fayre. Whilst there, we read stories in the reading tents, could buy a pre-loved book, decorate a biscuit as a story character and have paraded our fabulous costumes in our very own catwalk! Here are some pictures from our day…

Class 4 have been very busy today. We have shown off our costumes from our favourite stories, shared some of our most loved books, worked together to create our very own story and then created a group story map. We even had a visit from year 6 and enjoyed listening to them reading us stories. Take a look at our amazing pictures!!

Class 5 have really enjoyed sharing their favorite books and how they have dressed up as characters from their favorite books! We have also decorated our own book marks that we can use with our home readers and favorite stories at home. take a look at our fabulous day and costumes. Can you spot any characters from the Wizard of Oz? How about Alice in Wonderland?

Designing Boats

We have been designing boats for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We designed our boats, using our scientific knowledge of materials. We chose plastic and metal as materials for our boats as these are waterproof! take a look at our fantastic designs and our testing of our boats. We are glad we helped the goats to cross the river!

Chinese New Year

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week. The children have been learning about ‘The Great Race,’ making pellet drums and finding out how the Chinese celebrate this festival. Here are some of our pellet drums.

NSPCC Maths Day

Today we have been taking part in the NSPCC Maths Day. We have been using numbers to learn all about time.  We started by completing some different activities for a minute to understand how long a minute is. We chose to jump, hop and do press ups for a whole minute and it was much longer than any of us thought!

Then, we looked at the clock to begin reading o’clock times. We used small clocks to make different times and then challenged our partner to find other o’clock times.

National Story Telling Week

Today we have had some visitors from Year 6 to come and read some stories to us. They were absolutely fantastic and read the stories using fabulous voices and made the Year 1 children laugh lots! Thank you, Year 6! We had a great time!

Andy Warhol Art

This week we have been learning about the Artist Andy Warhol. We have loved learning about him and fascinated by the pop art that he creates. We were inspired by his pop art and the vibrant colours he uses. Class 4 have been recreating his art work. Take a look at our fabulous creations!

The Gingerbread Man

We have been learning all about a special traditional tale this week! We have investigated what all traditional tales have, sequenced The Gingerbread Man, acted it out, compared old and new versions and baked some Gingerbread Men. The children have been fantastic and have asked some amazing questions about how The Gingerbread Man story has changed over the years.

Year 1 Shape Day

In year 1 we have had a fun, informative day all about 2D shapes! To learn the properties of triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles, we have taken part in lots of different activities both inside and outside the classroom. We went on a shape hunt outside, looking at everyday objects which resemble our 2D shapes. Take a look at our art pieces too, where we used block printing to create a dog out of 2D shapes!

Year 1 Geography

This week, we have bee learning about the United Kingdom. We know that it is made up of 4 countries, and all of the flags mixed together to make the Union Jack Flag. We have ‘visited’ each country; looked at their landmarks, capitals, flags and special flowers. Then we made a large United Kingdom map for our classroom. Well done, Year 1!

Fun at the Christmas Party!

We danced, did karaoke, played games and had an amazing party tea! Here are some photos from our Christmas Party.

Reindeer Visit

The Year 1 children sneaked out of school to go and visit Santa’s reindeer on Wednesday! The children had no idea where they were going and the reindeer were very cute! We had the opportunity to feed and stroke them. There was even a little baby!

Visit to the Church

On Monday, we went to the Holy Trinity Church to learn about the Christmas Story. We helped Jenifer the vicar to build the nativity scene and then lit the Advent candles. It was a really special morning and the children were fantastic!

Teeth Brushing

We had a dentist come to speak to us about how important it is to brush your teeth. You have to brush them twice a day, without water and don’t rinse out your mouth! We listened to the dentist and then brushed our teeth. We are going to keep our toothbrushes in our special ‘Tooth Train’ and brush for 2 minutes when we come into school.

Polar Express Afternoon

This afternoon, the children got a golden ticket and were all able to attend our Polar Express Afternoon. Children got changed into their pyjamas, had hot chocolate and snacks whilst we all watched a film together. It was lovely!

National Nursery Rhyme Day

Year 1 were very lucky to be invited to visit the Beacon of Light to take part in a Nursery Rhyme morning. We sang lots of rhymes, went on a character hunt around the building, built our very own imaginary farm and met Samson the Cat! Here are some of our wonderful photos.

Bonfire Night

Year 1  have been learning about Bonfire night and its history. We loved listening to and discussing the story of Guy Fawkes. We then talked about the safety of bonfire night and how we are going to keep safe when we are out and about. We then talked about the rules of fire pit safety before we went around the fire pit. Around the fire pit, we discussed bonfire night and Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot. We watched Miss Dickinson safely light the fire and we all had a turn at using the flint and steels to make a spark. We took it in turns to safely walk into the fire pit and we toasted a marshmallow. Whilst we ate our marshmallow, we waited for the hot chocolate to heat up and then had a warm drink. Take a look at some of our photos!

Outdoor Classroom Day

To celebrate Outdoor Classroom day, we took our Read Write Inc and phonics outside. We collected lots of sticks and practiced reading our green words and making them out of our findings. Look at our beautiful work!

Year 1 have become designers…

This week, after our bus trip, we have been making models of the different bridges that we saw. We used art straws and joining materials to make them sturdy and strong. Here are some of our models.

Our brilliant bus trip!

Year 1 children have all been given a ‘house team’ where they can earn ‘house points’ for rewards and special treats. The houses are named after landmarks around the local area. We spent the morning, in different group, on the mini bus visiting them so we knew what they looked like up close. Here are some of the photos…

Materials Hunt

Some of the Year 1 children have been investigating different materials and finding out about some of their properties. They went on a hunt for metal, plastic and wood around the school grounds. The children discussed why these materials are good materials for different jobs, such as being waterproof and hard. They used iPads to record what they find by taking photos of their findings. Here are some of the photos from their hunt.

Year 1 have been very busy!

Year 1 have been very busy since returning to school. We have been making calm bottles, painting, sorting objects into different groups, thinking about how to stay safe on the internet, counting, writing and reading! Here are some wonderful photos of our learning so far…

Autumn Adventures

Year 1 have been out and about looking for signs of Autumn in the school yard and the local area.