Look to see what we have been doing in Year 1…

Bean Planting in Science

We have been learning about what a plant needs to grow from a seed into a big, strong plant. We have planted our own bean seeds to make sure we know how to care for them. Take a look at the pictures below.

World Book Day in Year 2

In year 2 we celebrated World Book Day 2020 ‘share a million stories’. Year 2 had lots of fun reading with year 3’s, year 6’s and we even got to read with our grownups at the reading café. As ever, the children amazed us with their fantastic effort. We had a wonderful time sharing stories and taking part in reading activities. Here are some photographs showing off our brilliant costumes and the fabulous day we had!

Creative Character Masks

During our study of the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we discussed our favourite characters and explained our choices. In groups we then designed and created 3D masks using paper plates. We collaged our masks using a variety of materials and are very proud of our finished products. Take a look at our super masks.

Hello Yellow!

As part of our ‘Hello Yellow Day’ we had lots of fun in Year 2 making biscuits and crispy cakes. We talked about the ways in which we can calm down, relax and take up hobbies to take care of our mental health.

Creative Chocolate Factories

In year 2 we have had lots of fun learning about Roald Dahl and reading some of the fantastic stories he has wrote. We have been very busy in class focusing on the story Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Mr Wonka decided that the factory needed some extra inventing rooms, year 2 were happy to help him! First we carried out an investigation, testing our materials to see if they could bend, twist, stretch and if they were waterproof. We then designed our factories thinking about the materials we would use to create each part. We discovered that foil was waterproof so we used that to produce parts of our factories. With the help of our grownups sending in boxes and bottles we were able to bring our factories to life! We made them with lots of thought, care and determination and here are some amazing photos of our journey.