Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage

Look what we’ve been up to in Reception

At Southwick Community Primary School, we understand the importance of providing children and families with a secure learning environment emphasised by our professional, approachable and friendly staff.

This year our Reception staff are Mrs Wake (maternity leave), Mrs Pattison (acting phase lead), Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Hanna, Mrs Dennison, Mrs Woodey, Miss Watson and Miss Smith.

Organisation of the School Day

The reception classroom environment consists of a learning environment divided into workshop areas. Our stimulating learning environment, activities and experiences are carefully planned to challenge and meet the individual needs of all of the children and includes sand, construction, writing, reading, maths, role play, ICT, art, snack table and malleable media area.
Your child will have the opportunity to work in these areas every day. Your child will be able to use a wide range of resources to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. All of the classrooms have an interactive whiteboard and we have iPad’s for the children to use. These areas are called ‘continuous provision’ and allow the children to develop skills from day to day and week to week.

Throughout the year there will be whole class teaching times, small group times, and individual work for children in our setting. There will be a balance of adult initiated activities and child initiated activities. We aim to foster a sense of independence and will provide developmentally appropriate activities for children to make choices and decisions about their learning.

Children in Reception will receive a ‘Read write Inc.’ session daily, which is “Designed to stimulate and challenge children’s thinking and create enthusiastic, life-long readers and writers”, in addition to a maths session daily.

The children have access to the outdoor learning environment throughout the school day. The children are out whatever the weather and waterproof clothing is available for them to use. We have weekly P.E lessons in the hall, or outside in the summer. The children will have a singing/music sessions every day.

Key Worker Groups

Each child has a Key Worker who is a named member of staff who will act as a point of contact for you if you have any worries, queries or concerns about your child. This Key Worker will be helping your child to settle into school, to support his/her development and to help your child to cope with any changes of routine throughout the school year. This system helps staff to build close relationships with individual children and their families and to promote a sense of well-being and belonging. Your child will still work with all members of staff in the setting at various times during the day, but will start and finish each day in his/her key worker group.

Ongoing Assessment

Your child’s progress and achievements in all areas of the curriculum will be constantly observed and assessed. Staff will focus on strengths, difficulties and areas for development that children may encounter, to enable them to make progress toward the next stage of learning. We will regularly share these assessments with you so that you can support your child at home.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Our curriculum covers the seven areas of learning stated in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. However, at Southwick we recognise that learning through play is a natural process for young children and aim to build upon their natural curiosity. We want to ensure that learning is rewarding and enjoyable whilst recognising that children learn best when their interests are followed.

Things to Remember…….

  • Please send your child in to school with their book-bag every day. These will be used for children to take home letters, pictures etc. Please check daily.
  • Homework will be given out on a Thursday to be returned to school on a Monday.
  • Please ensure that EVERYTHING, including coats and water bottles, are named.
  • Please help your child practice putting their coat on and doing it up
  • If you send your child in with gloves, please help them learn to put them on independently.
  • Please send weather appropriate clothing in for your child. Always send your child in with a coat for our very unpredictable climate! 
  • In the summer, sunscreen and a hat are a must! Please apply sunscreen at home and if needed we can reapply from a labelled bottle with your child’s name on it. 
  • PE kits which include; plimsoles, blue shorts and white t-shirts can be left in school and will be returned each half term to be washed. Ensure names are in PE kit.

Our Day

Reception – 8.55 am —3.15 pm

Dates for your diary


Reception P.E. – Monday.
Please make sure that your child has a PE Kit in school and it is labelled.
Please help your child learn to dress and undress independently.


  • Homework will be sent out every Thursday and needs to be returned each Monday.
  • Reading folders will be kept on a Wednesday night so reading books can be changed for a Thursday.
Look what we’ve been up to in Reception