Celebrating R.E

Harvest Festival

We celebrated the Christian festival of Harvest and thanks with a huge whole school assembly! We had hymns, readings and a rainbow of colours to represent all of the colours of foods and give thanks to frontline workers who have given everything throughout the pandemic

Easter story

This year to celebrate Easter at Southwick Primary School we took part in a whole school focus on retelling the Easter story. Each year group had their own scene of the Easter story that they had to recreate using their amazing Art skills.

Year 1

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on palm Sunday. The people were happy to see Jesus and waved palm branches.

Year 6

Jesus had a last super with his disciples.

Year 5

After Jesus’ crucifixion was ordered he was stripped and a crown of thorns were placed on his head. This was to cause pain and to mock his authority. He was then beaten and spat at before being forced to carry a heavy cross to the place where they executed people. This hill was called ‘the place of the skull’

Year 3

On the cross, Jesus, with his mother and friends watching cried out to God “Father why have you forsaken me?” Why had everything come to this? Understand his role in salutation Jesus cried out, “it is finished”. His head fell and he died.

Year 2

When Jesus died, his body was put in a tomb. A large heavy stone was put in front of the entrance.

Year 4

Jesus’ body was place in a tomb in the garden of Gethsemane. Three days later Mary Magdaline arrived at his tomb to find it empty. Jesus had risen!

Whole school display!