School Council

In our school we believe that every child should have a voice and the School Council encourages our pupils to take an active part in the day to day running of the school.

Our school council is made up of two representatives from every class in Key Stage 2 and two representatives from Key stage 1. The School council meets with Miss Dinning and Mrs Hutchinson every Thursday lunchtime to discuss different topics. The children then host class council meetings in their class every three weeks to feedback what has been discussed in the meetings.

Meet our School Council

At the beginning of every school year all classes from Year 2 and above have a class vote to nominate two representatives from each class.

Our school council members for the academic year 2016-2017 are:

Class 5:

Layton Hubbert

Class 6:

Louis Jackson

Class 7: 

Megan Duke

Jay Duke

Class 8:

Jayden-Leigh Dickson

Myles Dorwood

Class 9: 

Emma Kennedy

Robert Dennis

Class 10: 

Lucy England

Harrison Wood

Class 11:

Luke Hilton

Ellie Coates

Class 12:

Alex Richardson

Bethany Moon

What does the school council do?

Our school council children attend the first school council meeting where they receive their official school council note book for the new academic year. Children are informed that their notebook is used to record information from all meetings to take back and share with their class in their class assemblies every 3 weeks. Children will also be given questions to ask their class mates and asked to record any concerns, worries, changes or enhancements other children would like to be shared in the next school council meeting to ensure all children’s voices are heard.

School Meals

Our first school council job this year was to begin to change our school lunches. To start our task and ensure all children’s voices in the school were heard, each school council member carried out a survey with their class. On this survey we asked which meals/food items children enjoyed from our current menu and which meals/food items we would like to see added. We then colligated all of our results from our surveys to create a list of mains, potato products, sides and desserts we would love to have included in a new school lunch menu. We have had a meeting with Mr Robson (our head teacher) and our head chef to discuss the changes we would love to see to our school menu. Keep an eye on our school menu to see the changes when our new head chef is appointed.

Place to be award

We were very excited to receive our award for our contribution to mental health in the community. Mr Robson and Mrs Ellison were honoured to be invited to London for the presentation evening to receive our award. They even met Princess Kate! School council have now been given the money we received with our award to spend in our school to support our mental health provision even further. Our first task as always was to ask all of the children in our school what they thought we could do with the money before sharing all of our ideas at our next school council meeting. After a lot of deliberating over fantastic ideas we finally all voted to create a ‘quiet and calm area’ between the Key Stage 1 and 2 yards where children could go during break and lunch times to relax, be calm and practice our meditation exercises which we have learnt in our jigsaw lessons and place to be sessions. We are planning to build a water feature which we can watch to help us to feel calm, have an area of fake grass which we can meditate on and listen to calming music. Can you believe we even had a bit of money left over to also get a friendship bench and two friendship stops to help us notice children on the yard who need some to play with more clearly than we already do.

School Yard

Alongside spending our award money to improve our yards the school council has been asked to think of other ways in which we could further develop our outside areas. So off out onto the yard our council members went with their note books to collect the children’s voice and find out what the children in our school would like on our yards. The school council were overwhelmed with the amount of responses we received and we are now in the planning process to plan our new layout for our yards. So keep an eye out for upcoming changes.