Hello and welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages area.  My name is Miss Atkinson and I am the MFL lead whilst Mrs Foxton is on maternity.  I am currently a Year 2 teacher, however I am responsible for overseeing all of the fabulous language work that goes on throughout the school.

Like all of the other subject leaders here at Southwick Community Primary School, I aim to embed an ethos of over-learning, opportunities for revisiting prior taught skills and knowledge and creating a passion for languages and the countries they are spoken in!

Here at Southwick, we follow ‘The Essentials Curriculum’ which breaks down concepts into three key milestones.  Teachers then use these milestones to inform their planning and assess the progress the children are making. 

We have chosen Spanish as our modern foreign language as our children are more likely to visit Spanish-speaking countries for holidays. This therefore gives them a clearer understanding of the relevance of learning a new language and makes it more relevant to them. We want our children to leave our school with high self-esteem as well as an understanding and respect for people from different cultures, lifestyles and customs. We want to expand their personal horizons, instill in them a love of learning and to foster inquisitive minds, self-discipline and self-motivation.

Our chosen themes such as – My Town – provide an introduction to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and communities. It aims to foster children’s curiosity and help deepen their understanding of the world. Our curriculum has been chosen to allow children to gradually build on their skills therefore enabling children to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish, providing opportunities for them to interact and communicate with others for practical purposes both in speech and in writing. We aim to expose children to authentic Spanish and offer regular opportunities to listen to native speakers.

MFL lessons begin in Key Stage 2, however, EYFS and KS1 join in with Europe week and are also taught basic vocabulary by their teachers to encourage early language development and an introduction to MFL lessons. Lessons are sequenced so that prior learning is considered and opportunities for revision of language and grammatical concepts are built into lessons. Our lessons and resources help children to build on prior knowledge alongside the introduction of new skills to allow for over learning and the transition of learning from short term to long term memory.