• Head Teacher: Mr C. Robson (Safeguarding lead)
    • Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs H.Ellison (Pastoral/mental health lead, SEN support)
    • Assistant Head Teacher: Miss J. Thexton (SENCO, Deputy safeguarding lead)
    • EYFS Phase Leader: Mrs A. Wake (ICT coordinator)
    • KS1 Leader: Miss S. Spencer – Currently on maternity leave (Art coordinator)
    • Acting KS1 Leader: Mrs S. Jardine
    • Lower Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs M. Smith (Maths coordinator)
    • Upper Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs C. Beresford (Maths coordinator)
    • New Beginnings Manager: Helen Higgins
New BeginningsEYFSYears 1/2Years 3/4Years 5/6Site

New Beginnings Manager: Helen Higgins

Early Years Practitioner: Anthony Donkin

Early Years Practitioner: Jamie Kerr

Early Years Practitioner: Sarah Huntingdon

Early Years Practitioner: Victoria Egglestone

Early Years Practitioner: Debra Austin

Early Years Practitioner: Victoria Teasdale

Early Years Practitioner: Alix Morgan

Early Years Apprentice: Sarah Cairns

Early Years Apprentice: Lucy English

Early Years Support: Jeanette Cook

Lunchtime Support: Christine Johnson

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EYFS Phase Leader/Key Worker: Mrs A. Wake (ICT coordinator)

Teacher/Key Worker: Mrs A. Skipp (ICT Coordinator)

Teacher/Key Worker: Miss B. Dickinson

Key Worker: Mrs M. Hewitt

Key Worker: Miss R. Scott

Key Worker: Miss N. Cogdon

Year 1 Teacher: Mrs M. Pattison (DT Coordinator)

Year 1 Teacher: Mrs S. Jardine – Acting KS1 Leader (RWi / Curriculum lead)

Year 1 Teacher: Mrs L. Dennison (RE coordinator)

Support Assistant: Mrs L. Dryden

Support Assistant: Mrs C. Williams

Year 2 Teacher/KS1 Leader: Miss S. Spencer (Art coordinator)

Year 2 Teacher: Mrs K. Brook

Year 2 Teacher: Mrs H. Turner

Year 2 Teacher: Mrs E. Foxton (MFL coordinator and School council lead)

Support Assistant: Mrs J. Hutchinson

Support Assistant: Miss N. Bilton

Year 3 Teacher/Lower Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs M. Smith (Maths coordinator)

Year 3 Teacher: Miss L. Stephenson

Support Assistant: Mrs J. Simpson

Support Assistant: Mrs T. Hopper

Support Assistant: Mrs J. Gibson

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs C. Seaman (Music coordinator)

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs C. Waddell  (PE lead/ co-ordinator)

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs H. Hewitt

Support Assistant: Mrs L. Chorley

Support Assistant: Miss R. Stoker

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs A Hanna (Maths coordinator)

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs C. Beresford (Maths coordinator)

Year 5 Teacher: Miss A. Slater

Support Assistant: Mr M. Scott

Support Assistant: Mrs J. Crosbee

Year 6 Teacher: Miss J. Forster (History coordinator)

Year 6 Teacher: Miss G. Hughes (Geography coordinator)

Year 6 Teacher: Miss H. Hetherington

Year 6 Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher: Miss J. Thexton

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs J. Watson (PSHE  coordinator and pastoral team)

Support Assistant: Mrs P. Purvis

Systems and Finance Manager (DPO): Mr A. Kerby

Secretary: Miss C. Phillips / Miss D. Hutchinson

Community and Site Manager: Mrs P. Walmsley

Site Supervisors: Mr J. Percy / Mr D. Reid

Educational Psychologist: Mrs A. Price

Place2Be: Mrs M. Clarke


  • Mrs S. Fullard
  • Mrs A Watson 
  • Mrs D. Dorward
  • Mrs A. Glanville
  • Mrs C. Johnson

Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Mr G. Kenny
  • Mrs S. Fullard
  • Miss L. Mather
  • Mrs D. Dixon
  • Mrs B. Morton
  • Mrs C. Schonewald
  • Mrs T. Gray
  • Miss M. Tosh
  • Mrs J. Cooke
  • Mrs S Collier
  • Mrs P Connors
  • Mrs V Bowerbank

Kitchen Staff

  • Mr C. Bradwell (Cook in charge)
  • Mrs A Watson (Assistant cook)
  • Mrs B. Wood
  • Mrs J. Ridley
  • Mrs J. Lumsden
  • Mrs V Furey