Hello and welcome to our Science page! Here you will find out everything that you need to know about Science and how it is taught at our School.

At Southwick Primary School, the intent of our science curriculum is to ensure all children leave the school with a secure foundation of scientific knowledge and practical skills. This understanding will help to ensure all children are well equipped for any potential future learning and employment in the scientific field. We believe that science stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. With this in mind, we focus on building and developing children’s science capital to ensure teaching and concepts are relevant and relatable for all children in school.

Science teaching at Southwick Primary School is about developing children’s ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live. This is done through teaching of scientific knowledge and concepts as well as a focus on investigating and working scientifically. At Southwick Primary School, we follow the essentials curriculum. For science, this primarily follows the national curriculum as well as including a range of non-statutory learning opportunities to broaden and deepen children’s scientific knowledge and develop their science capital.

Mrs Barker, who teaches in year 5, is our Science Lead.

One area of Science that we are particularly passionate about at Southwick Primary School is space education and we recently received the ESERO bronze award for all of the wonderful work that we have completed around space!

Science Policy

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