Celebrating Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Classroom Day 4th November

Southwick has taken part in Outdoor Classroom Day this year, on the 4th November. Today we have brought our learning outdoors, exploring and investigating out outdoor area to extend our learning. We have had an amazing day!


Nursery love to learn outside! On outdoor classroom day we decided to take some of our usual indoor activities outside. We especially enjoyed story time outside!


In reception we had lots of fun on our outdoor learning day, we went to the fire pit and Mrs Pattison showed us how putting special chemicals on the fire change the colour, just like fireworks. We climbed trees in our forest area, practiced our balance skills on our logs and ran and jumped on our climbing frame. We also love to explore the water area, seeing which objects can wiz down our track and splash into the pool.

Our Maths and Literacy lessons were also outside, in maths we practiced our formation in the sand and with chalk, we made our very own tens frame and used objects and us to show different amounts. In literacy we went on a letter hunt trying to identify the initial sounds in words.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning all about our world. We have been talking about the ocean and how important it is to save our ocean. We have discovered that people are polluting our ocean with oil and rubbish. We looked at the impact it is having on the sea creatures and us. We have also been looking at video clips of the rubbish in the ocean and then we explored the water tray which had been left full of rubbish. We worked as a team to clean it out and then used the litter pickers to pick all of the rubbish up from our yard so that the wind doesn’t blow it into our sea. We also made some posters to educate others on how to keep the ocean clean. We will always put our rubbish in the bin.

We took our learning outside during and math and phonics. We went on word hunts and collected natural objects to make letters out of. We drew number lines outside and jumped along them to solve problems. We have had a great day outdoors!

Year 2

Today during our number session, we have completed a code challenge outside.

We had to use our new knowledge of addition and subtraction to help us calculate the total amount each calculation makes.

When we worked out the answer to the calculations we checked our work with our team. Then we went outside to find each number and see which letter was attached to them. When we had all of our letters, we read them out to find the code.

Some of us found opal.

Some of us found outside.

Some of us found learning.

We had lots of fun, solving the codes!

Take a look at us in action ..

In maths we have been working on our number recognition and formation skills with Miss Atkinson. We picked a number tile from the bucket, identified what number it was then wrote the number with chalk on the ground taking care to make sure that we form the number correctly in the right direction.

Year 3

Today we had lots of fun skip counting in 4’s outside for ‘Outdoor Learning Day’.

We began by singing our counting in 4’s song and then each time we said a multiple of four one of us had to stand on the number.

After that, we worked with a partner to create number

sequences on the floor using chalk. Our task was to create a number sequence counting either forwards or backwards in multiples of four with missing numbers.

We were then challenged to complete another pairs missing number sequence, using our counting in 4’s song to support ourselves.

Some of us tried to make it really tricky by having lots of missing numbers in our sequence.

Take a look at the fun outdoor learning we had.

Year 4

Today is Outdoor Classroom Day and we have had so much fun learning outside of the classroom today!

Year 4 visited Washington Wetlands Centre as part of our Living things and habitats topic. Whilst we were there, we took part in different missions as part of the ‘Generation Wild’ scheme. We learned all about how humans are damaging the habitats for a variety of different species and thought about how we could change this.

We also identified and discussed a huge variety of habitats and micro-habitats. We know that animals are suited to their own habitat and the smallest change to this habitat can be devastating to the animal.

Whilst we were on our trip, we even got to watch the otters being fed which was amazing! We impressed all of the adults with the enthusiastic questions we asked at the end.

Year 5

Today we went outside on a hunt around the yard to collect leaves. We tried to find leaves with a range of colours, shapes and sizes. We then returned to class, cut our leaves in half and then used our wonderful drawing skills to sketch the other half of the leaf. We tried to pay very close attention to detail.

Mrs Barker’s maths group took part in a times table treasure hunt for outdoor learning day. We worked in pairs to solve a number of times table questions. Then, we had to go on the hunt for our answers to find a corresponding letter. The first team to find all the letter and number combinations was the winner!

Year 6

Our science in Year 6 is living things and their habitats. We have been looking at classifying animals according to their characteristics. Today, we went outside, using nature and objects on the yard/ in Reception area to make our animals. Class 17 had so much fun!

Signs of Autumn

Year 1 spent the afternoon looking for different signs of Autumn outside. The found lots of different leaves, bark that had fallen from the tree and a huge amount of Autumn colours. Back in the classroom, they made a beautiful collage using all of their findings.