Celebrating Science

Science club apple oxidation experiment

17.01.22 – Today we worked in groups to test different liquids to see if they can stop the oxidation process of an apple. We learned that apples (like all fruit) contain an enzyme that works with the cells to keep them alive. When we cut open an apple, we damage the apple cells and let in oxygen from the surrounding air. The enzyme reacts with the oxygen, turning the apple brown. This process is called oxidation. We tested plain water, salt water, sugared water, honey water, lemonade, pure lemon juice, apple juice and orange juice to see which (if any) would stop the oxidation process. We concluded that the pure lemon juice was the best at stopping the oxidation process.

Science club create fireworks in a glass!

10.01.22 – This week, Science club had fun trying to create fireworks in a glass. We mixed various colours of food colouring and oil. We then poured what we had mixed together into a glass. We then waited for a ‘firework’ display to start.

Crest Award winners

A huge well done to the children who attended Science club in the Autumn term. They completed a range of different Science activities which gained them a CREST Award.

STEAM event

Some of our amazing year 5 and 6 children visited the Beacon of Light for a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) event. We had lots of fun using Lego, Sphero educational kits and robots. We had to complete different challenges using our coding, problem-solving and computational thinking skills!

Year 6 investigating beaks and evolution…

As part of our evolution and inheritance topic we have looked at beaks from a range of birds in South America. We looked at a dip netting beak (a spoon), a coniferous seed eating beak (scissors) and an insect catching beak (tweezers). We had a range of foods too: marbles (to represent hard nuts and seeds), cocktail sticks (stick insects), elastic bands (worms), marshmallows (berries and peas (soft fruits). We all chose a type of beak and predicted the foods we would be able to pick up-we had great fun and there were a few surprises too!

Year 6 micro-organisms

We have learned a lot about micro-organisms and we have started an investigation that shows us what they look like and how fast they grow in different conditions. We rubbed our hands (and bacteria) all over some bread and left it in 3 different places (a warm place, a cool place and a dark place). We have made predictions and cannot wait to see it start to grow! We also looked at how fast germs and microbes can be spread using green paint and a little imagination!

Science club have been making and testing glue

15.11.21-This week, Science club were given the challenge of creating glue. We made three different types based on three different recipes, putting our measuring and observation skills to the test. We then had to test the glues to see which was the strongest, the most waterproof and the easiest to remove from material (in case it spilled onto our clothes). Things got very messy but we had loads of fun!

Science Club nest building

08.11.21-This week science club have been hard at work building nests. We were each given a “beak” and were only allowed to pick our materials and make our nests using this beak. We weren’t allowed to use our hands. We watched some videos of different species of birds building their nests for inspiration before we began. We then tested our nests against different weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Spooky Science club!

01.11.21-This week, science club celebrated Halloween with a carousel of spooky STEM activities. We made ghost towers, exploding pumpkins, completed a Halloween density experiment and made bubbling slime!

World Space Week 2021

October 4th-9th was world space week in school and we have been focusing on two very exciting themes: Women in Space and Mars. In school, we have completed some amazing work and investigations, some can be seen below. Some of us also took part in homework challenges linked to these themes and our teachers have been blown away by some of the wonderful pieces of work that we have completed at home. Each year group also nominated a space scientist of the week and they received a certificate in our celebration assembly on Friday.

Juice up your rocket competition 2021

We have all recently taken part in a school competition to design an image for the nose of the Ariane 5 rocket which will begin it’s journey to explore Jupiter and it’s moons in 2022. Our school council chose their favourite artwork from each year group and these will be sent on to the ESA (European Space Agency) who will choose the overall winner from hundreds of children’s entries! We are keeping our fingers crossed that one of our designs is chosen but we had such a lovely time learning about the fascinating planet of Jupiter and creating our designs. Have a look at some of our wonderful work and our fantastic winning entries…

Science Week 2021

Take a look at some of the wonderful work we completed during our 2021 Science Week. The theme was ‘innovating for the future’ which we thought was extremely relevant at this current time and gave us the chance to explore some of the amazing recent advancements which have happened in the scientific field including vaccines. Every year group completed some amazing work based around this theme.

Beat it germ fest!