Celebrating Geography

Crazy Continents!

Due to the success of the previous focus weeks and the level of engagement and enthusiasm from the children we will be having another one this year!.

Geography Week for the 2021-2022 academic year will focus on the continents. Each year group will be allocated a continent to focus on throughout the week.

Come back in the New Year to see the fantastic work the children produce about their given continent.

It’s Europe Week!

Summer term 2021

This week has been Europe Week at Southwick Community Primary. Each year group was allocated a different European country to focus on and research and we have all had so much fun doing it! Take a look at what each year group has been getting up to.

Nursery – England

The nursery children focused on England during Europe Week. The looked at England in maps and on globes. They used peg boards to create their own England flags and also created Union Jack flags too!

We also looked at typical English food and tasted some scones with jam and strawberries.

We all went for a walk around school and observed the different wildlife we could see.

At the end of the week, we all dressed up in the colours of the England flag.

Reception – England

This week is Europe week in school. Reception have been learning and celebrating all about England. We have been talking and learning about England and all of traditional English things to do and see. We started off by locating England on a map. We have been looking and finding Sunderland and Southwick on the map and comparing it to the Capital city, London. We explored and talked about British coins and notes, finding out which coins we would need to buy different objects worth different amounts. We were fascinated. We were invited to an afternoon tea so we all helped to prepare it. We used our cutting skills to make bunting, spreading and creating skills to make England flags and strengthened our fingers to make paper chains to decorate the room. We made cakes, scones, sandwiches and decorated England flag biscuits. We learnt to spread butter, use weighing scales and talked about the changes before and after the mixture had been in the oven. We talked about recipes and what they are used for.
We then enjoyed our lovely afternoon tea, chatting to our friends and eating all of the lovely treats we had made.

We then compared the British seaside in the past and now, looking and discussing the different clothing and swimwear and how it has changed and lots of things that have stayed the same. We talked about how eating fish and chips and ice cream is a tradition at the beach. We ordered and ate fish and chips for our lunch and then ice cream for dessert. It was delicious.

We have had lots of fun learning about England and all of our traditions!

Year 1 – UK

Year 1 have been looking at the UK this week and they have been learning about the four different countries that make up the UK.

As part of this, they took part in a food tasting session and thought the food was delicious!

They also used different artistic techniques to create the flags of the 4 UK countries and went on a parade around the school grounds.

To end the week, all of the children came to school dressed in the colours of the Union Jack flag.

Year 2 – France

This week the Year 2 boys and girls have had lots of fun during Europe week. In year 2, our focus country war France. We have learnt lots of new words in French including how to say hello and goodbye in French. We know numbers in French to ten and we have used the numbers in French, 1-3 to follow simple instructions. We impressed our grownups when we sang the song ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French.

We had fun trying different foods from France and compared them to the foods we eat in in England. Our favourite was definitely the Toronto ham! Many of us disliked the Emporium French brie- you should have seen our faces! Hopefully our teachers have captured them and you can see them below.

Each day we compared the weather in Sunderland and the weather in France. We used key vocabulary when describing and comparing the weather. For example, wind speed, precipitation, humidity and temperature. We labelled the continents and oceans and discussed in detail the continent both England and France are a part of. We then looked at the seas surrounding our countries. We learnt lots of wonderful facts. We even discussed why France might be warmer than England using our knowledge and understanding of the equator.

We did some wonderful art work on special landmarks in France and England. We compared these and drew them, making sure we used lots of intricate detail. We used aerial maps to look at the different landmarks and to navigate around cities to see what the landmarks are close to.

Some of us in year 2 applied all of our learning and new knowledge to create some very detailed and informative leaflets all about France. We made sure that the leaflets included persuasive, repetitive language and we used eye catching images to draw in readers. We enjoyed using all of our learning throughout the week and included it onto our leaflet.

To end the week, we came to school dressed in the colours of the French flag.

Year 3 – Spain

Year 3 have been learning all about Spain this week and we have had so much fun doing it! We got to taste a range of Spanish foods and practise lots of our geography skills too.

During our food tasting session we got to taste chorizo, olives, olive oil, tortilla and oranges. The olives weren’t very popular but the tortilla and oranges were delicious!

This week we have looked at so many different areas of geography, including;

  • Human and physical geographical features
  • Weather comparisons
  • Compass points
  • Map reading
  • Researching facts about our focus country

We have also been practising our Spanish speaking skills, including greetings, body parts and numbers. We have even recorded a song about the Spanish numbers.

Once we had gathered so many facts about Spain, we created our own iMovies to show how much we had learned. Take a look.

To end the week, we came to school dressed in the colours of the Spanish flag. Our teachers were very impressed with how much effort we had put into our outfits. We looked amazing!

Year 5 – Italy

Year 5 have had lots of fun during Europe week. Our focus country was Italy. We learnt some Italian words and phrases (hello, goodbye, good morning, good afternoon, good evening/night, please, thank you, yes, no and the numbers 0-10). We listened to some famous Italian musicians (Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli). Also, we used our map reading skills to look at the physical geography of Italy and located mountains, rivers, lakes and cities on a map of Italy. We realised that it is easy to spot Italy on a map due to the fact it is shaped like a boot!  We used text books and the internet to research lots of facts and information about Italy. We looked at famous landmarks in Italy, the climate, currency, population, Italian history, Italian foods and famous Italian people.

We also enjoyed some food tasting and tasted some delicious Italian foods.

Year 3 – Help the hedgehogs!

The new topic in Year 3 is ‘Help the Hedgehogs’. We have discovered that hedgehogs are endangered and are at risk of becoming extinct. One of the reasons for this is a loss of their natural habitat.

We have been looking at a range of maps of our local area to observe how the local area has changed over time. We noticed that there are much fewer green areas in Southwick today than there were 50 years ago. This means that there is far fewer areas for hedgehogs to live.

We also used 2 and 4 figure grid references to discuss and describe suitable and unsuitable areas for hedgehogs to live.

Year 4

Year 4 have been looking at Africa recently and have packed so much Geography learning into this topic! They have looked at a variety of maps to identify the different African countries. They have also used their knowledge of compass points to describe their locations.

Year 4 have also recapped the different between human and physical geographical features and identified these features when looking at different African countries.

Year 6

Year 6 have focused on North and South America and linked their geography work to this topic. They have used a variety of maps to locate the countries of North and South America. They have also discussed human and physical geographical features and how these can affect trade, land use and economic activity.

Year 5

Year 5 have packed so much geography into this year so far! They have recovered previously taught geographical skills in order to embed their knowledge and understanding. Map work has been a big focus for Year 5 this year and they have looked at a variety of different maps in order to complete their tasks. They have also used aerial photographs to discuss changes over time.

They have also recapped Europe and focused on the human and physical geographical features of a chosen European country.

Weekly weather reporting is also carried out in Year 5 as this provides an opportunity to discuss the topic specific vocabulary and also allows for over learning and embedding.

Year 3

Year 3 have been having so much fun in our geography recently. As we have been looking at The Romans during our history topic we have linked this to geography and have began to learn about Italy.

We have been learning all about the difference between human and physical geographical features and can sort these accurately. We can also use topic vocabulary to explain how we know that we have sorted them correctly. We did this for both Italy and the UK and then compared the different countries.

We have also been developing our map reading skills. We really enjoy working with maps, atlases and globes and can identify the UK on a variety of maps. We have also been learning about Europe and can identify the countries of Europe using our resources.

In order to allow opportunities to over learn and practise using our geography vocabulary we do a weather report 3 times a week. This allows for opportunities to recap the 4 countries of the UK and their capitals. We also choose a European country each week and compare their weather to ours here in the UK.

Year 2

In Year 2 we have been doing weekly weather reports. We discuss the key vocabulary; precipitation, wind speed, temperature and humidity.

We have also discussed that the temperature is colder the further North of the equator you go. We have looked at maps, globes and atlases to discuss direction (North, East, South & West).

We have linked our topic work of habitats, looking at their location and how close they are to the equator.

We love to sing the continents song and even know the oceans surrounding them! We know that there are 7 continents and we can identify these on our class geography display.

Year 1

Year 1 have been very busy discussing different landscapes and have created a beach scene containing all of the relevant features. We have worked hard as a team and discussed the different features we see when we visit our local beach.

We also play guess the country every morning and give a mini weather forecast using our UK map.