Year 4

In year 4 we are taught by Mrs Seaman, Mrs Waddell and Mrs Stephenson. We are supported by Miss Simpson and Miss Stoker.

This term, we have lots of exciting and engaging topics planned that allow for hands on practical activities. Our term will begin with our science topic of Sound. During this topic, the children will learn all about how sounds are made and how we can change the volume of them. They will have a great deal of opportunities to get ‘hands on’ making, investigating and observing.

We also have our geography focus week this term in which we will be focusing on the continent of Antarctica. The children will have the chance to re cover previous map reading skills and compare this region of the world to the opposite polar region of The Arctic. We will also be crossing into science as we look at the adaptations of different animals in order to live in such a demanding environment.

Our history topic this term will be ‘Anglo Saxons’ in which we will be using all of our previously taught historian skills. We will be looking at resources and discussing how we know this historical era even existed. We will also learn all about what the Anglo Saxons brought to the UK that still affect our lives today.

Look what we’ve been up to in Year 4

Homework and Spellings

Children are all expected to practice their times tables every night and use Times Tables Rock Stars regularly.  Their challenge is to complete 15 games a week!  Spellings will still be given out ready for spelling tests on a Friday and please continue to read your home reader as many times as you can with an adult. Homework will consist of a grid of activities linked to topics that the children are learning about at school. The children should choose 1 activity to complete each week.


P.E will take place on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school from a Monday and this is to be taken home after the session, washed and brought back for the following Monday.

Home Reading

As a school, we expect the children to read at least 3 times per week and have their journal signed by an adult. Children should bring their reading book and journal into school daily so they have the opportunity to read with adults in school.

Each classroom has a reading display on which the children can move their personlised bumble bee up the sunflower each time they have their reading journal signed by an adult.

Children have an Accelerated Reader password and user name. Use this link to access the quizzes!