Celebrating Art and Design

At Southwick Primary school we love to celebrate artistic achievements of each child. The children’s achievements in the arts are shown in our amazing Art Gallery created last summer. Our Art Gallery enables children, staff and visitors to gain an insight into the diversity of the work going on in the school. We encourage the children to take an interest in other children’s work across the school and this is done through our gallery and with our art ambassadors throughout the school.    

Our Whole School Art Gallery…

The Gallery will be updated each half term, and we can’t wait to show you the work. Keep an eye out for your child’s wonderful work!

If you create any wonderful work at home, please feel free to bring it in to school and we can display it in the Gallery.

Thank you in advance,

Miss Brook

Nursery Art Gallery

Reception Art Gallery

Year 2 Art work

Year 3 Art and Design work!

Year 4 amazing Art and Design work…

Year 5 L.S Lowry display

Year 6 animal Art