Celebrating Music

Harvest Festival…

Our whole school assembly was a huge hit! The whole school, sang, parents joined in and our wonderful choir had their part too! We sang, we shantied our own version of The Wellerman with harvest lyrics and had a wonderful time in the process!

Year 6 Glockenspiel…

Year 6 have been learning different notes on the Glockenspiels and building upon last year’s learning by accompanying their knowledge to Happy, by Pharrell Williams. Not only were we in tune and in time, we could also free style and improvise! We were amazing!

The Big Sing!

Year 4 took part in this year’s Big Sing with a host of other schools (digitally of course!) and we were wonderful! Keep your eyes peeled for this year’s Big Sing where we will be taking part again!

Music Week 2021

This year’s music week was a whole school celebration of music linked to countries around the world. Each year group listened to a range of music from their chosen country. We listened and appraised different composers and genres, stating what instruments we could hear, what the tempo and dynamics were like and whether we enjoyed them (giving reasons of course!) The feedback from both staff and children was amazing and we cannot wait until the summer for our next one! Watch this space!

Year 1 studied Ireland and did some Irish dancing to traditional Irish music …

Year 4 looked at Germany and did some emotion art linked to the works of Hans Zimmer


Last half term in Music, Year 4 revisited playing the Glockenspiel. This was their first performance of a composition using the notes D and E – we are sure you’ll agree they are absolutely amazing!