Celebrating Maths…

NSPCC Maths Day

On Friday 4th February, we celebrated Maths Day in school. We raised money for the NSPCC by completing some sponsored challenges whilst having fun investigating ‘telling the time.’

At the end of the day, we held a special assembly to thank everyone for their contributions throughout the day. Maths ‘superstar’ certificates were handed to children who had shown excellence throughout the day.

As part of the deal in raising £102, Mr Scott agreed to receive a custard pie in the face for every £10 collected by school. Mrs Mahone helped Mr Scott out in sharing the pies to the face. As you can see the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed this…

We held a whole school competition to design the face of a clock and were blown away with 83 fantastic entries. Some children even created working clocks which will be displayed in school.

Special thanks go to Abigail Luckham, Tiffany Luckham, Theon Luckham and Charlie James for your outstanding entries, we hope you enjoy your prizes!

Year 1

In Year 1, children started by completing some different activities for a minute to understand how long a minute is. We chose to jump, hop and do press ups for a whole minute and it was much longer than any of us thought! Then, we looked at the clock to begin reading o’clock times. We used small clocks to make different times and then challenged our partner to find other o’clock times.

Year 2

In Year 2, we have been having lots of fun in year two learning about time! First we looked at our calendar and discussed days and months and how time passes. We then ordered the days of the week and the months of the year.

We then sequenced the events in a day and matched these to a given o’clock time. We then showed these times on our clocks. We listened to a story about Tommy and his day and we had to represent the times that he did certain activities on our clocks. We focused on o’clock times. Mrs Wake’s maths group also looked at telling half past times. We played lots of time games and used the iPads to support our learning.

In the afternoon we had lots of fun decorating biscuits to look like clocks. We drew the hands to look like our favourite time of the day and discussed why that was our favourite time.

Year 3

Miss Brook’s number group:

Today as part of number day, we used our mini clocks to practise reading and showing a range of times to the nearest 5 minute. We discussed different ways of saying quarter past/to and half past times. For example; half past 12, 12.30 or 30 minutes past 12.

When were confident, we played a time board game with a partner. We had so much fun reading the times to the nearest 5 minutes. We had to look closely at the minute and hour hand to read the times accurately .

After that, we played time dominoes and clock bingo. We were so good at telling the time.

As a challenge for ‘Number Day’ we had to work with a partner to design and create our very own game. Our game had to involve telling the time.

We were very creative; some of us created board games and some of us created bingo boards.

We had so much fun working with our partners to bring our ideas to life.

If we completed our game in time, we were challenged to write instructions to explain how to play it. We all thought of a unique name for our boards which was very interesting.

We loved playing our own time game and the games our friends had made.

Mrs Mahone’s number group:

Today as part of number day, we used our mini clocks to practise reading and showing a range of half past and o’clock times.

When were confident, we played time dominoes as a group. We had so much fun reading the different half past and o’clock times.

Mrs Mahone and Mrs Williams encouraged us to look closely at the minute and hour hand to read the times accurately .

As a challenge for ‘Number Day’ we together as a class to design and create our very own game. Our game had to involve telling the time so we decided to link it with our favourite outdoor game, ’What’s the time Mr Wolf?’

We then joined the whole school in taking part in a timed challenge. For our timed challenge we had to see which team could go around the obstacle the most times in 5 minutes.

The next person could not start the obstacle course until the other person brought back a baton. We made this challenge like a relay race. We were all extremely competitive.

Take a look the fun we had…

Year 4

We have had lots of fun in Year 4 today, learning all about time. Firstly, we practised estimating and recording ourselves completing a variety of timed activities. Some of our estimates were really close! We the analysed the data we had collected.
Next, we designed and made our very own time games. We thought carefully about which aspect of time it would support people in learning and the type of game we wanted to make. We designed board games, pairs games and bingo games. We also thought carefully about the rules of our games and wrote a set of instructions.
Finally, we took part in a timed sponsored event. We chose to complete ‘The Biscuit Challenge’ where we investigated how many biscuits we could eat in 1 minute. Our partner watched carefully to make sure we had fully eaten our biscuit before we put another one in our mouths. Some of us thought we would be able to eat 12 biscuits in 1 minute but most of only managed 2.

Year 5

In Year 5, Class 12 & 13 have had a fun filled number day! In our maths groups, we have designed and made our own ‘time’ themed maths games. After we made them, we really enjoyed playing each other’s games. We are adding these to our maths area so we can carry on using them to help us learn about time and to consolidate our skills.
As we are doing gymnastics for PE this term, we decided to link our sponsored challenge to this. For our timed event, our challenge was to balance on one leg for as long as we could. We then extended our challenge to holding different balances on apparatus for as long as we could.

Year 6

Year 6 have had a great maths day! We have completed lots of quizzes and Kahoots and we even played a maths version of The Cube! We were so engaged and enthused when we made our own maths games too! We had fabulous ideas and they were very imaginative efforts-some of us did twists on well-known games like Snakes and Ladders with times tables facts instead of ordinal numbers. Our timed events were to see if we could tidy quickly and efficiently, see how long we could ALL be quiet for and see if we could improve the speed we could get our coats and line up-we had a great day!

Rockstar challenges…

Year 3 and 4 have had a great few weeks taking part in ‘Times Table Rockstar’ challenges. Take a look at our champions…

Column Addition with exchanging…

We used Base 10 to really understand what happens when we exchange 1’s for a ten or 10’s for a hundred and 100’s for a thousand-we are flying with the method now!

Meaningful measures…

As part of anti-bullying week, Year 3 have been using their measuring skills to make some very important biscuits.

The children weighed out their own ingredients using a measuring scale and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. We then decorated the biscuits with ‘one kind word’ in support of our whole school focus. Take a look at us in action…

Let’s get ready to rock…

We have a new Times Table Rockstar display in school and each Friday staff will select an individual child and group to be given the title of ‘Rockstar of the week’ and ‘Group of the week’. The children will be awarded with a small prize and a post will be added to the website. Keep and eye out for your child, they could be our next ‘Top Rocker’.

Our learning environment

At Southwick we pride ourselves in having specific learning environments for the children we teach. Take a look at some of the wonderful working walls our children have access to each and every day during their maths lessons.

Merry Maths Day is on Friday 10th December

We will be having Christmas Maths Day on this date where we will be re-launching Times Table Rock Stars. Get ready for some festive fun and number!

Year One using wonderful vocabulary to describe more and less…

year One have been working hard to describe groups of object that are not the same amount. We used words such as ‘more than’, ‘less then’ ‘greater’ and ‘smaller’ to describe 2 different groups. We also used sweeties to help our learning! It was great fun!

Year 6 playing What’s My Number…

We paly the maths version of Guess Who in year 6 and we have so much fun that we don’t even realise how much we are learning! We ask questions such as: Is your number odd? Is it a multiple of 10? Is the hundreds digit even? Is the thousands digit a multiple of 4? Is it a factor of 36? We love it!

Counting Backwards in Year 1

Year 1 have been learning how to count backwards from 10, all the way down to zero. We linked it to ‘Space Week’ and counted down for blast off with our rockets. Then we represented the numbers using towers of cubes and investigated how they got smaller as you get closer to zero as well as the numbers. Here are some photos from our lessons: