Rewards 20th November 2020

This week we have been looking at how we could help if we suspect someone is being bullied. Our children agree that bullying does not happen in our school but they all know how they would help if it was-well done everyone! 

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: L jai Lockwood,  has impressed Mrs Jardine this week as she knows everyone is different and this is okay! Miss Atkinson is super proud of Lola Smith for always trying her best to help people who are in the blue zone! Keep it up year 1!

Year 2: Class 5 has impressed Miss Brook as they all know what to do to help if someone is being unkind! James Short was able to say what he would do if anyone was being bullied ! Well done Year 2!

Year 3: Lola Richardson has impressed  Mrs Mahone and Mrs Foxton this week as she was brilliant at discussing how she would help anyone in a difficult situation! Mrs Stephenson is impressed with Alisha Drinkald and how she took the time to write an anti bullying story at home! Well done Year 3!

Year  4: Eleanor Jackson has impressed Mrs Moran this week as she knows what to do to help other people!  Masie-Jo Reaper has massively impressed Mrs Smith as she is kind and considerate of everyone-always! Clayton Sewell has impressed Mrs Waddell and Mrs Seaman this week as he always tries to help when he sees someone upset-you are a very caring boy! Well done year 4! 

Year 5: Josh Wallwork has impressed Miss Slater this week as he is always such a lovely and kind friend to everyone!  Samanta Borsut has impressed Mrs Forster this week as you are such a kind, caring and supportive friend! Well done year 5!

Year 6: Mrs Watson is very proud of Jay Corbett as he always knows how to help other people-well done, Jay! Mrs Barker is extra proud of Josh Dickinson this week as you always think about other peoples’ feelings! Miss Hetherington’s Literacy Set have impressed her this week as you all always think about other people and wrote fantastic anti-bullying stories this week! Well done year 6! 

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

EYFS: Amber Bell is the zebra group star for writing excellent CVC words in phonics! Lucas Fisher is the lion group star for following all instructions in music this week! All of Giraffe Group are stars for having a fantastic week in your phonics lessons -Well done you super stars and well done reception!

Year 1: Sienna Allan has impressed Mrs Jardine this week for OUTSTANDING reading-you are beginning to ‘Fred in your head’ well done! Miss Atkinson is super proud of Finley Broome-Letson for trying your best with your handwriting and keeping your work neat! Keep it up year 1!

Year 2: All of Miss Brook’s Maths Group, you have impressed Miss Brook with your positivity and never give up attitude-keep working hard! Rochelle Anderson has worked hard in maths for Miss Turner this week and has tried hard to identify teen numbers! Well done year 2!

Year 3: Amelia Longstaff has impressed  Mrs Mahone and Mrs Foxton this week with her fantastic attitude towards school-you are a true role model! Mrs Stephenson is impressed with Leah Reynold’s continued and fabulous effort with home reading! Well done Year 3!

Year  4: Amy Flood has impressed Mrs Moran this week for always working hard, setting a great example to others and being a superstar! Fletcher Murphy has wowed Mrs Smith for his hardworking attitude, excellent manners and exemplary behaviour! Theon Luckham has impressed Mrs Seaman and Mrs Waddell with his amazing attitude to school-you always work hard, share your fantastic ideas and care about others at all times!  Well done year 4! 

Year 5: Miss Forster’s Maths Group have impressed her this week with their fantastic work and attitude! Abby Sommerford has impressed Miss Slater by always helping others in school-you are such a kind and lovely girl with a warm heart! Well done year 5! 

Year 6: Aiden Scrafton has impressed Miss Hetherington as his week has been wonderful and you always make her and the rest of the class smile! Jake McGregor has impressed Mrs Watson with his amazing effort in maths this week-your contributions have made her so proud! Layton Hubbert has impressed Mrs Barker this week with his fantastic ideas and responses when discussing figurative language! Keep it up year 6! 

Well done to all of our amazing Southwick Primary children this week-we are very proud of all of you! A huge pat on the back to our certificate winners this week-in the words of Mr Robson…Keep it up! You are all amazing!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Cleron Rankin has wowed Mr Robson this week with his amazing writing of a recount of ‘So Good To Me’. The vocabulary you used was amazing and the effort you put into it was fantastic-well done Cleron!

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