Rewards 29th April 2022

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Spencer King, you have been amazing this week using a number line in maths-well done, Spencer! Ronnie Green, you were able to name the parts of a plant-well done, Ronnie! Amber-Rae Bell, you have used the RWI rhymes to form your letters beautifully-well done, Amber-Rae!

Year 2: Jeffrey Hunokoe, you have had such a great first week and we are so lucky to have you-well done, Jeffrey! Finley Broome-Letson, you have returned to school with such a positive attitude to your work-well done, Finley!

Year 3: Jason Pearson, your efforts in all subjects this week has been amazing-we are so proud! Well done, Jason! Mrs Mahone’s Maths Group, you have worked so hard this week and have blown our socks off-well done all of you!

Year 4: Isabella Dickson, your explanations in science when looking at temperatures using thermometers were great-well done, Isabella! Benjamin Nicholson, your states of matter knowledge is amazing! Well done, Ben! Lola Richardson, you always come into school with a huge smile on your face-you are a little ray of sunshine-thank you Lola!

Year 5: Deacon Stokell, you tried so hard during our Greek topic and your discussions and debates were well thought out and mature-well done, Deacon! Jasmine Doughty, you have worked so hard when learning about money in maths this week-well done, Jasmine! Jasie-Leigh Roberts, your participation in our history lessons this week has been amazing-well done, Jasie-Leigh!

Year 6: Alanah Robson, your effort in our revision sessions has been amazing-well done, Alanah! Caitlin Thompson, you have a wonderful attitude to every aspect of school life-well done, Caitlin! Oliver Dennis, your effort and enthusiasm is amazing-you are a true role model and we are so proud-well done, Oliver!


This week’s focus was to know how to make friends, this is such an important, yet difficult skill, but here at Southwick we do this brilliantly!

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Daisy Towle, you always use kind words and are friends with everyone-well done, Daisy! Jackson Lawson-Sykes, you always think of amazing games to play with your friends-well done, Jackson! Kira Richardson, you always think of others-well done, Kira!

Year 2: Broden Newton, you always try to include everyone when you’re playing-thank you, Broden! Fraser McLaughlin, you have been so kind and welcoming to our new friend to Southwick this week-thank you Fraser!

Year 3: Darcy Wilkinson, you always welcome new pupils and introduce them to your friendship group-thank you, Darcy! Rochelle Anderson, you always make and maintain positive friendships-well done, Rochelle!

Year 4: Lucas Hubbert, you are able to reflect upon and be the best friend you can possibly be-well done, Lucas! Calum Kennedy, you are always kind and welcoming to others and you’re a great role model to everyone in school-well done, Calum!

Year 5: Alora Wilson, you are such a good friend and always take care of those that need it-well done, Alora! Molly Skinner, you are an amazing friend who always cares for others-well done, Molly! Sofia Brown, you always compliment your friends on their work-well done, Sofia!

Year 6: Lacey McCully, you know how to make friends but you also know how to treat them and keep them too-well done, Lacey! Eden Sampson, you are always confident to approach new friends and everyone is comfortable around you-well done, Eden! Archie McKenzie, you certainly know how to make friends because you are a wonderful young man-well done, Archie!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Mr Robson has had a huge smile on his face this week as every member of our school has came back into Southwick with a brilliant attitude and bags of enthusiasm-as we all do all of the time-well done everyone! Dante McHenry has impressed him too with his attitude to all of his learning-well done, Dante!


This week’s winners are Class 16 with 97.8% Well done Class 16!


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