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Year 4 River Wear Walk

Year 4 have been learning all about rivers. We have looked at the structure of a river and some famous rivers from around the world.
As we are lucky enough to live close to a river, we decided to walk along and look at the different features we could see. We visited the mouth of the River Wear at Roker and then walked back along the river towards Southwick. We noticed how the river became narrower as we moved away from the mouth. We also noticed the meanders and discussed the erosion and deposition.

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Accelerated Reader Stars – Class 11

Class 11 are the Accelerated Reading Superstars again this week with a whopping 26 books read!

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Year 6 watching Billionaire Boy at The Empire

Year 6 went to see David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy and we loved it!

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Year 4 Quad Kids Athletics

Year 4 have been impressing again! 8 of our Year 4 pupils took part in the Quad Kids Athletics at Silksworth Sports Complex. They took part in 4 different events and tried their very very best.
Miss Stoker and Miss Williams were so impressed with their behaviour and their sportsmanship whilst taking part in the event. They were an absolute credit to the school. Well done Year 4!

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Year 6 investigating the size of shadows by altering the distance between the light source and opaque object…

Year 5 Life Centre trip

Year 5 had the most amazing day at the life centre! We took part in a ‘Discovering chemistry’ workshop where we took on the role of a chemist and used real laboratory equipment to identify mystery powders and create new substances.

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Year 5 tag rugby festival

Some of our wonderful Year 5 children had great fun taking part in a tag rugby festival at Monkwearmouth Academy this week.

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Year 6 Post SATs Trip to The Beach…

We all went to Seaburn Beach and had a fun-filled day together to let off steam after our SATs

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Year 4 Accelerated Reading Star

Frankie Strong is an Accelerated Reading Star this week as she read more books than anyone else in the school! 7 books and quizzes in 1 week. Well done Frankie!

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Year 2-Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Year 2 have been looking at and taking inspiration from the work of David Hockney. We have explored how he uses acrylic paint to create vibrant painting. We created our own portraits of Queen Elizabeth II in the style of David Hockney. Take a look at some of our pieces of work!