Well done Eve and Alicia!

We are very proud to share some fantastic news about the achievements about some children who used to attend our school.

Eve Kennedy and Alicia Nilsson, who are currently in year 8, underwent an under graduate outreach scheme devised by Oxford University that was aimed at the most gifted children from every secondary school in the country.

The challenge Pharmacy Usa, Canadian Healthcare Online Pharmacy valtrex online http://www.cpad.org/index.php/en/information?start=5 Canada Pharmacies, buying valtrex in united states buy medication online canada was to ask an unanswerable question- “The Big Question’. Their question was -“What would happen if the world stopped rotating?”

Eve and Alicia’s question and work led them to being national winners along with 3 other pairs:

• 2 year 10 girls
• 2 year 11 boys
• 1 year 11 boy and 1 year 13 boy.

The girls were invited to an overnight stay at Oxford University, the college doubles as Hogwarts, where Harry Potter was filmed. They spent the day in lectures, seminars, visiting a museum and most importantly at the awards ceremony and the website launch of the ‘undergraduate outreach scheme’.

This is a wonderful achievement in winning a national competition especially given Eve and Alicia’s age and I’m sure their Secondary school, Hylton Red House Academy, are as proud as we are.

Well done Eve and Alicia.


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