Look what we’ve been up to in Year 3!

Year 3

Class 8 Reading Superstars!

After working so hard to read and complete accelerated reader quizzes, Class 8 were rewarded with group of the week.

Colour Mixing…

We have used Modroc to create our very own volcano structures and now we need to paint them.

Today we have looked at how to mix colours effectively in order to create different shades.  We discussed the different colours we may need to paint the outside of our volcanoes which are browns and greys.

We know that brown is a tertiary colour and in order to mix brown we need to use all secondary colours, which are purple, green and orange.

Once we had mixed this colour we needed to mix different shades of this colour.  In order to make the colour darker we needed to add black and in order to make the colour lighter we needed to add white.

Take a look at the colours we have mixed today!

Women in Space…

This week we have been introduced to four extraordinary women who have had a positive impact on life today. We have looked in depth at the lives of Dorothy, Mary, Dr Christine and Katherine and the impact of their work. As the women were key figures in supporting astronauts returning home safely we created a class welcome home banner. The banner contained key words and images based around the women’s life and work.

The Mars Perseverance Rover

This week we have also explored how we receive satellite images from our solar system to relay information to support scientists. We looked in detail at the Mars Perseverance Rover and its current role supporting NASA. We discussed the features of space rovers and how these enable them to transport information. We worked hard to recreate the Perseverance Rover using a variety of materials.

Rock Cycle!

Today we physically explored the ‘rock cycle’ acting out each stage. We created a large circle in class and demonstrated what each stage could look like. We then acted out the whole process from start to finish showing a good understanding of what happens to the different rocks as they change.

We then worked in teams to draw the rock cycle on large pieces of paper. We had such a good afternoon using our rock knowledge to support ourselves.

Rocks ROCK!!!

Today we took our learning outdoors; physically re-enacting how an igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock forms. We identified the process to creating each rock type and portrayed the process using gestures and sounds.

We had to identify the rock being shown using our detective skills. We then explored the impact of movements from tectonic plates within the Earth’s crust, has in how a rock is formed. We used our scientific vocabulary brilliantly this afternoon when sharing our ideas. Take a look at us in action…

Time capsule

As part of our transition into Year 3, the children have created a time capsule of their hopes and dreams for Year 3. Everyone shared their aspirations for the year and we buried it within our school field. At the end of the year we will dig up our capsule and see if we have achieved our targets.