Look what we’ve been up to in Year 3

Year 3


Year 3 used Modroc to create 3D volcanoes. We used our colour mixing skills to create our own brown paint.

Year 3 Stone Age clay houses

We had lots of fun creating the three different types of houses the Stone Age people lived in!
Take a look at us in action…

Year 4

The Shop is Open!

Year 4 children are rewarded with cash when they follow our school rules, work hard or just simply be kind. Every half term we open a shop where they can spend their money-they bought lots of things today as they are amazing! Us teachers are sneaky though as we are giving the children experience of money; recognising coins, adding totals and working out change too-everything they’ll need for later life!

Year 4
Tingatinga creations

To show how much we love reading, we have even decorated some of our doorways in the style of our favourite books – I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re amazing!

Year 4 Spelling Strategies

Year 4 creating African animal paintings in the styke of Tingatinga