Look what we’ve been up to in Year 3!

Year 3

Health Week

Take a look at the fabulous things we have been up to in ‘Health Week’.

Today we took on an amazing climbing challenge on the school field. We listened carefully and were so impressed with our accomplishments.

Europe Week

Year 3 have had a blast learning about Spain during Europe Week!

They have been learning a lot of new phrases in Spanish and have also shown that they can remember the Spanish numbers that they learned earlier in the year.

Take a look at their impressive singing!

At the beginning of the week we tasted a range of Spanish foods; including chorizo, olives and tortilla. The olives were definitely the least favourite food but we all loved the tortilla bread!

We practised lots of geography skills this week as we learned about Spain. We showed that we could identify and use the 8 compass points as we designed satnav instructions for Camila Cabello’s Spanish tour. We thought carefully about which direction she would travel in to get to the next city on her tour.

We finished Europe Week off by dressing in the colours of the Spanish flag and we really went all out! Take a look at how fantastic we looked!

We also made iMovies to show all of the new facts we have learned about Spain.

Shadow Makers 18.6.21

This afternoon, Year 3 have been learning all about shadows in science. We know that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks the light.

We made our very own shadow puppets in class to practise making shadows for ourselves.

Pollination Investigation 14.6.21

Now that we have learned all about pollination and why it is important, we decided to look at which method of pollination is the most effective. We carried out our own scientific investigation to observe the effectiveness of bee, water and wind pollination. Before we started, we all made a prediction about which method would be most effective.

We couldn’t use real pollen so we were creative and used Wotsits crumbs to represent it. We even made our very own bees!

We found that bee pollination was the most effective because more of the pollen was transferred to the correct part of the flower when a bee transported it than when wind or water was used.

Dazzling Directors

We enjoyed making the iMovies so much yesterday that we got to make another one today. Our teachers wanted us to show them what we could remember about a topic we had covered this year and instead of writing about it we made our very own movies instead.

Take a look at what we have created.

Kayden would like to tell you all about making a car garage.

Movie Makers

As part of our new ‘Save the Bees’ topic we have been learning about how important bees are to the environment. Bees are excellent pollinators and pollinate a huge amount of the food we eat every day. Without bees there would be so many of our favourite fruits and vegetables that wouldn’t grow!

This week, we have been learning all about the pollination process and we have thought of a more creative way to show our understanding of it. We have made and edited our very own iMovies to explain the process of pollination. We had so much fun recording ourselves and adding music and transitions to make them look really professional.

You will never believe how many words we have read!

As a treat for our brilliant reading effort this half term, we spent the afternoon on the school field. Since September, we have read a staggering 930,337 words as a year group so our teachers thought we deserved a treat.

First, we played rounders. It was trickier than we thought but we worked as a team and tried hard to remember and stick to the rules. Mrs Foxton’s team were the winners with 25 rounders!

Once we had finished our game, we had some free time and were able to play on the equipment. We have had a brilliant afternoon!

Monet inspired masterpieces…

We were inspired by artist Monet to create a hedgehog scene in his style. We used small brushstrokes and adapted the shade and tone of the colours to complete our work. We practised our colour mixing skills to complete our work. Take a look at our sensational art work…

Help the hedgehogs!

Our new topic in Year 3 is ‘Help the hedgehogs!’

Did you know that 60 years ago there were around 30 million hedgehogs living in the UK and today there are less than 1 million? We couldn’t believe it and we are determined to do something to help.

We have linked our topic to the Science curriculum and have been learning about food chains and habitats. We took a walk around the school grounds to look for suitable and unsuitable hedgehog habitats. We thought carefully and discussed why each area around school would make a good or bad home for a hedgehog.

We have also linked our topic to Geography. We have observed and analysed different maps of our local area. One map was of Southwick today and the other was of Southwick in the 1950’s. We looked carefully at how Southwick had changed over the years. One of the things we noticed was that there used to be lots and lots of open green spaces which would have made excellent hedgehog habitats. There were not many green areas on the map of what Southwick looks like today and this is why the hedgehog population is declining.

Music – 14th May 2021

We have had a brilliant afternoon in Year 3 today! We have started to learn a new song on Charanga and have played a variety of fun games to practise finding the rhythm.

We have also began learning how to play the recorder. We can all hold the instrument correctly and can now play notes A and B. We have also began discussing the vocabulary linked to reading music. We know that a crotchet lasts for one beat and a quaver lasts for half a beat.

We are all looking forward to our next music lesson!


Today is NSPCC Math’s Day and we have had so much fun in Year 3. We came into school in number fancy dress and we all looked fab!

We even had number biscuits at dinner time!

Our challenge today was to design and make a maths game for the Year 4 children. We thought really carefully about our games and the different maths skills that the Year 4 children would need to use to play them.

In the afternoon, we got to play the maths games that the Year 4 children had made for us. We loved playing them and showed all of our brilliant maths knowledge as we played!


This afternoon we have had a geography afternoon. We have discussed the UK and the 4 countries of the UK. We have used atlases and online maps to locate the UK in different formats. We also discussed the capital cities of each UK country to test what we could remember from KS1.

Once we had discussed the UK, we began to look at some of the European countries. We know that the UK is part of Europe and can use the compass points to describe the location of the European countries.

Our challenge this afternoon was to work with a partner to label some of the European countries on a blank map. We used the atlases to help us and we worked really well with our partners. We really enjoy using the atlases and discussing countries from all around the world!

Roman crafts day

We have had so much fun in Year 3 today creating Roman arts and crafts. We used our knowledge of joining techniques to follow our weapon design sheet in order to create amazing Roman shields and weapons.

Take a look at some of our creations!!!

We have also created some marvellous mosaics just like Romans used to do. We used the mosaic design to create Roman shields and we had so much fun … even though we were full of glue!

DT Joining techniques …

As part of our Roman topic, we have designed our own Roman weapon.  Before designing, we looked at the different techniques we can use to join the materials we would have available.  We looked at; the fold join, the flange join, the tab join and the bend join.  We practised creating these joins and then joining them to pieces of card.  We could then check to see which were the strongest and which we would use as part of our design.

Easter Oil Pastels…

As past of a whole school art initiative, Year 3 have created some beautiful oil pastel Easter scenes inspired by artist Pablo Picasso.

Cross stitching…

Year 3 have been learning how to complete a cross stitch this week. We used large templates initially to show how the stitch was completed. Take a look at us in action…


Year 3 used Modroc to create 3D volcanoes. We used our colour mixing skills to create our own brown paint.

Year 3 Stone Age clay houses

We had lots of fun creating the three different types of houses the Stone Age people lived in!
Take a look at us in action…