Look what we’ve been up to in Years 3 and 4

World Book Day 2020


Today we celebrated World Book Day and as ever, the children have made an absolutely fantastic effort. We have had a wonderful time sharing stories and having fun. Here are some photographs showing off our brilliant costumes and just enjoying the day!

To show how much we love reading, we have even decorated some of our doorways in the style of our favourite books – I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re amazing!

This half term Year 4 have been studying the Celts and as homework have designed their own Celtic shields. We have been absolutely blown away by the effort the children have put in to their creations, which I’m sure you will agree are absolutely fantastic. Please enjoy these pictures of them sharing their amazing work.

To start the New Year and the Spring Term Year 3 had a special visit from Bernie’s Hedgehog Rescue as part of our ‘Save the World’ topic. Did you know that by 2025 Hedgehogs could be extinct in Britain? To learn more about what you can do to help protect these amazing creatures, visit https://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/

In the Winter Term, Year 3 learned all about The Stone Age and what life was like then. We looked at the tools people made, their homes and the different hunting and gathering techniques they used to find food.

We all took part in a ‘Stone Age Day’ where we had the chance to build Stone Age shelters, light our own fires with flint and then cook fish on our fire for lunch! We also made Stone Age porridge with berries and honey.

Back in class, we located rivers on maps and discussed why we thought they were close to Stone Age settlements. We identified the difference between Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic housing, then in teams built our own Stone Age house from clay.

In literacy, we looked at the text ‘Stone Age Boy’ and wrote about the Neolithic settlement, Skara Brae. 

In year 4 we explored Amazing Africa! We had a visit from some native African species including a python and tarantula and we loved holding them and learning more about where they live and how they contribute to the African ecosystem; we couldn’t believe it when we learned that a cockroach plays one of the most important parts in that ecosystem as they are so small yet quite beautiful when you see them close up!

We also explored various African instruments; we had great fun but our teachers needed a coffee and a rest afterwards! We also immersed ourselves in African life by trying food and drinks from the continent. We has chinchin, ginger beer, dates, mango pulp and cous cous to name but a few of the delights we sampled!

In literacy some of us explored apartheid in South Africa through the book, ‘Journey to Jo’berg’. We could not believe how badly people were treated because of the colour of their skin! We felt so passionately about this issue we wrote persuasive letters to heads of state in South Africa so this never happens again! Some of us wrote kennings about African animals and watched ‘Catch It’ on the Literacy Shed to learn about direct speech. The video is about a family of meerkats in the Sahara Desert who have their beloved piece of fruit stolen by a greedy vulture and they try to get it back.