A very warm welcome back to everyone

Dear parents and carers,

A very warm welcome back to everyone, and a big welcome to all our new parents. We are very excited about the new year ahead and have lots of great things happening in the coming weeks.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our Home/School Agreement, in which you agreed to send your child to school equipped and ready to learn.

Our school uniform is:

  • A blue jumper/cardigan with black/grey trousers or skirt
  • Plain black shoes
  • P.E. Kit consists of a white t-shirt and blue shorts
  • One pair of stud earrings may be worn. These must be removed for P.E. and are the responsibility of the child.
  • Children must not wear any other jewellery, apart from a watch (no smart watch devices are allowed)
  • No false nails or nail varnish are to be worn in school.
  • No extreme haircuts are allowed in school.
  • All clothing likely to be removed in school should be clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • Children must not bring sweets, toys, mobile phones, games consoles etc into school.
  • Children must be punctual – school starts at 8.55a.m.
  • All absences must be covered by a written explanation or phone call.

Thank you for your continued support

Mr. Robson


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