Marvelous Me and the Gruffalo.

This half our topic is close to all our hearts and is all about our homes and our families and the important role they play in our lives.

Nursery have been taking part in some really exciting activities, linked with our homes and our families and have been using 2 famous texts to inspire our learning. 

Our focused texts have been; Peace at Last by Jill Murphy and the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

Gruff- a-tastic Maths

Comparing size

Nursery have been looking at our height and how much we have grown since we were babies. Can you work out who these babies grew up to be?

We looked at different characters from the Gruffalo and compared them against one another, as well as comparing us to the Gruffalo. We have also been comparing our own heights….. I wonder who was the tallest?

We also thought about who were the heaviest characters in the story. We weighed our own characters using the scales.

Pompom counting

The children have loved exploring the the pompoms with support are beginning to count. We pretended that they were poisonous warts and big orange eyes. Some children are even beginning to recognise some of their numbers.

Gruff-a-mazing Reading and Writing

After reading our books it has been lovely to see so many children in the book area reading the stories or acting them out using the story bag props. 

and then using their mask making to recreate characters from the stories.

Fab-gruff-lous Creativity

dough and oats

The children loved making mini Gruffalo’s.

The fam-utiful Artwork and Building

Finger Gym work

The children have enjoyed threading beads onto the forest animal strings. They loved using the scoops and tweezers to explore the oats.

They had such fun, even if it did get a bit messy!

Role Play and Small World Fun

The children love working in the home corner and have been doing a wonderful job of acting out the roles of family members and other roles in society in the home corner.

And also in our small world house.  

They have some amazing ideas, creating some lovely stories in their play.

They also have been taking part in some amazing learning activities with the adults.

We drew portraits of ourselves thinking about the colour and shape of our faces, eyes mouths and hair.  They are now all on display in Nursery so come and who have a look at who you can see.

We looked at pictures of our families and talked about our family members. We are getting much better and using the words brother and sister correctly.

We looked at how materials change by making some chocolate crispy cakes as owl nests and some yummy Gruffalo Crumble.

We made some sandwiches too!

We even made a poster to help the forest rangers find the Gruffalo. We used amazing describing words and could talk about and name the parts of the Gruffalo.

Gruffalo picnic

We were inspired by the hard work which Macmillan Cancer does to support families who are dealing with cancer.  We decided to offer our own support to these families by hosting a charity Gruffalo Picnic.  We had so much fun.

We raised over £53 for MacMillan and have been blown away by your generosity. Thank you so much for your support.