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We have been learning about the Autumn season over the last few weeks. It has been so much fun to find out more about this colourful season.

Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing.

We learned about the artefacts of Autumn.

We went on an autumn hunt in the forest section of outdoor area and asked children to find some evidence of autumn. This is what they found.

The children explored the artefacts they found and some children enjoyed drawing pictures of them.

In the small world area we had a woodland full of fallen leaves, conkers, acorn and pine cones for the children to explore. There was also several artefacts hidden in our autumnal coloured water.

In the finger gym area there were even more Autumn objects for us. We were challenged to try pick up the objects using just the tweezers. It was quite tricky but is amazing at helping us to develop and stregnthen out finger muscles.

We did lots of maths activities linked with Autumn artefacts.

We counted ……

We matched and order numbers….

We compared size …

And we compared the colours…..

We also did lots of reading!!


In key group time we read Percy the Parkkeeper – After the Storm.  In the story there is storm is raging outside and Percy the park keeper is having a sleepless night. When he gets up the following morning, Percy finds that the old oak tree has been blown down. The children loved the story and listed well.  They were able to recall several events from the story and loved the tree house at the end.

Using the poster and pictures in the story we learned about the colours of Autumn and how the leaves changed colour.

We made some autumn leaf shaped sun catches. They were super pretty.

The children worked together to build a new tree for Percy and his friends for our display. We decorated the tree with lots of autumn coloured leaves, and pictures, painted and collaged with autumnal colours, which the children created.  

In the story it was a disaster for his animal friends who live there, we thought about how autumn affected the animals living in our outdoor area.  Several children created ‘homes’ for some of the animals. And made extra food for them in the mud kitchen.

We also learned more about hedgehogs and how they hibernate in Autumn. The children use the dough to create some 3d hedgehogs

We talked about what the weather was like in the story and what a storm was.  We talked about how the weather is changing now it’s Autumn. We practised putting on our own coats and zipping them up.


We also read the story of leaf man in key group. It is a simple tale that captures the imaginations of the young and old.  Initially all the children wanted to know what happens next and turning the pages that are cut into the scenery is fun and eye catching.  But it is the incredible illustrations that inspired the children the most. Lois Ehlert shows you can use any media to create a picture (my favourite by far is the leaf cow), the colours, the patterns and the shapes are so clear they almost jump out of the book at you. By the end of it the children really want to go and play with the leaves and made their own characters.

I’m sure you will agree Autumn is one of the best seasons and we had the best fun learning out all about it!