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We have been learning about the Autumn season over the last few weeks. It has been so much fun to find out more about this colourful season.

Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing.

We learned about the artefacts of Autumn.

We went on an autumn hunt in the forest section of outdoor area and asked children to find some evidence of autumn. This is what they found.

The children explored the artefacts they found and some children enjoyed drawing pictures of them.

In the small world area we had a woodland full of fallen leaves, conkers, acorn and pine cones for the children to explore. There was also several artefacts hidden in our autumnal coloured water.

In the finger gym area there were even more Autumn objects for us. We threaded hoops onto sticks in apples and we were challenged to try pick up the objects using just the tweezers. It was quite tricky but is amazing at helping us to develop and stregnthen out finger muscles.

We did lots of maths activities linked with Autumn artefacts.

We counted ……

We matched and ordered numbers….

We compared size …

And we compared the colours ….. creating some stunning masterpieces!

We also did lots of reading!!

We talked about how the weather is changing now it’s Autumn. We practised putting on our own coats and zipping them up.


In key group time we read Percy the Parkkeeper – After the Storm.  In the story there is a storm raging outside and Percy the park keeper is having a sleepless night. When he gets up the following morning, Percy finds that the old oak tree has been blown down. The children loved the story and listened really well.  They were able to recall several events from the story and loved the tree house at the end.

Using the poster and pictures in the story we learned about the colours of Autumn and how the leaves changed colour.

We made some autumn leaf shaped sun catches. They were super pretty.

The children worked together to build a new tree for Percy and his friends for our display. We decorated the tree with lots of autumn coloured leaves, and pictures, painted and collaged with autumnal colours, which the children created.  

They also made lots of knew cute mini homes for the animals using either the junk modelling or the construction blocks.

In the story it was a disaster for his animal friends who live there, we thought about how autumn affected the animals living in our outdoor area.  Several made extra food for the animals in the mud kitchen.


We also learned about hibernation and how some animals like to go for a long sleep during the winter to escape from the cold.

One of these animals is the hedgehog.

We have loved using the dough and clay to create our own 3d hedgehogs

 We used some of the fallen leaves to decorate some hedgehogs.

Harvest Festival

We also learned about Harvest and what it means. We took part in lots of Harvest themed activities.

We enjoyed some fruit tasting.

We squashed berries and made our own paint. It smelt and tasted sublime and the colour of the paint were stunning.

We planted some seeds to grow into vegetables.

We made bread.

We made Soup

We made some soup using lots of vegetables.  We talked about the vegetables first, we named them and talked about what they looked like. We all knew what a carrot was, most of us knew potato, but none of knew what a turnip was. We explored this one the most learning the name of this funny looking vegetable. 
Some of the vegetables needing peeling. This was super tricky but lots of fun. We talk about how the vegetables changed when we took off their skin. 
Then we tried to chop them up after talking lots about how to use a knife safely. Mrs skipp watched us very closely to make sure we kept our fingers safe and were taking care at all times.  
We added to the vegetables to a big pan ready to be cooked. We can’t wait till the soup is ready tomorrow so we can have a taste.

We celebrated World Food Day

We celebrated World Food Day 2020 
This years theme is ….. Grow, nourish, sustain. Together Our actions are our future.

We discussed with children how the germs that stopped us coming to school had an impact on countries all of the world and that we need to work together to recover . We talked about what we could do and we made a promise to grow, nourish and sustain the world. 
We look at the words grow, nourish, sustain and talked about what they mean. 
GROW: We talked about how we have been doing lots of planting this week to help to make fruit and vegetables grow. 
NOURISH: We talked about how will help the vegetables grow by looking after them and keeping them safe from weeds and animals, watering them regularly. 
SUSTAIN: Keep it going… we talked about how we will continue to harvest, plant and grow throughout the year and next year too.

Then we enjoyed our home-made bread and home-made vegetable soup we have made during the week and become food heroes by doing our part for the future. It was luscious and even those children who do not normally each vegetables asked for 2nd helpings.

I’m sure you will agree Autumn is one of the best seasons and we had the best fun learning all about it!