Years 1 & 2

Hello and Welcome to Key Stage1 (years 1 and 2)

Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs Jardine

In year 1 we are taught by Mrs Jardine, Mrs Dennison and Miss Atkinson.

In year 2 we are taught by Miss Turner and Miss Brook.

We are helped in our learning by Miss Banks, Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Dryden and Mrs Everett.

In Year 1 our topic this term is Home is where the heart is.
We will be learning all about Sunderland, naming landmarks and visiting all of our amazing brides. We will be looking carefully at Southwick, drawing maps and recognising local landmarks as well as talking about how Southwick has changed from years ago to now. We are looking forward to recognising the UK, naming the 4 countries, capital cities and surrounding seas. The famous artist Paul Klee will also be our inspiration for creating printing art pieces of our local landmarks, following his style. We are so excited to get started!

In Year 2, our topic this term is ‘All Around me’.
We have already started looking at plants; naming common plants, identifying and labelling the main parts of a plant and their functions. We have also looked at the different types of trees and classified them as being deciduous or evergreen. We found out that plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. We have linked our Science work with our Art by drawing pictures of plants. We looked at the artist George Seurat and painted our drawings in the same style using dots to add texture.

We have had lots of fun planning and carrying out a fair test to investigate how the rate of growth changes depending the bulb that is planted. We planted Snowdrops, Daffodils and Tulips. We water our plants daily and ensure they are in a nice sunny spot. When they begin to grow we will measure them using a ruler to make sure our results are accurate.

For the rest of the term we will be looking at the history of holidays focusing on our local area. We hope to have fun looking at pictures, stories, online sources and databases to find out about the past and then comparing it to now. We are also going to be looking at animals and their lifecycles as part of our science, we will be using our knowledge to identify how animals grow from a baby to an adult.

What an exciting term lies ahead!

Thank you for your support!

Look what we’ve been up to.

Dates for your diary

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We have no dates for you at the minute but will let you know in advance of any important dates so watch this space!


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All Key Stage 1 homework is given out at the start of each half term. You can complete the challenges, with your child, at any time within that half term but we would love to see any completed pieces on a Friday. At the end of a half term children who have completed all of the pieces will receive a prize.

Year 2 will receive weekly spellings each Monday, we ask that you practice with your child as many times as possible during the week in preparation for them to take part in a spelling challenge containing those words on Friday.

If your child has any problems with their homework, please pop in to see the teacher who set it we are always happy to help!


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Year 1 PE

All Year 1 children will have PE on a Tuesday.

Year 2 PE

All Year 2 children will have PE on a Thursday

Due to the current Corona Virus situation, we are sending PE kits home to be washed after their PE lesson.

Home Reader

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Year 1 and Year 2 home readers are given out on a Monday and are to be sent back into school on a Friday.


Traditional Tales – Year 1 Dazzling Dahl – Year 2

Useful Websites


Top Marks – Counting


Top Marks – Sound Phonics Play

ICT and Games

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