Jigsaw Rewards

We have all been working very hard again this week and thinking about how well we work with others. We are a friendly and supportive school and we all manage this brilliantly!

Our Jigsaw certificate winners this week are…

In Reception, Alisha Smith has wowed all of her adults this week by sharing the play dough because she, “Wants to be a kind girl.” Well done Alisha!

In year 1, Natalia Dinsdale for always working well as a team during maths to solve problems-Mrs Dennison is very proud! Finley Broome-Letson  has made Miss Atkinson proud as he is a ‘perfect partner’  in RWI. Well done year 1!

In year 3, Katie Roberts and Ellie Taylor have impressed Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Foxton and Mrs Mahone this week as they were an excellent partner when making their volcanoes in modroc!

In year 4, Logan Crooks and Molly Skinner massively impressed Mrs Seaman when they worked together in science this week.
Mrs Moran says Corey Clark always helps others without being asked and Mrs Smith is so proud of Deacon Stokell’s helpful and kind attitude and the way he works with and supports everyone in year 4. Well done year 4 superstars!

In year 5, Jaycie-Lee Conlon has impressed Mr King as she brings happiness and positivity into year 5 and  is always a joy to have in the class. Alanah Robson has put an even bigger smile on Miss Slater’s face this week as she always works well with everyone. Krystal Towle is always such a great partner and friend to her peers and Mrs Forster is so impressed-well done year 5!

Year 6 staff are very impressed with Owne Sheldon and Lucy Butler who are always on hand to help anyone who needs it in maths and Kaila Clark is so kind and always encourages everyone. Well done year 6!

Well done to all of our Jigsaw certificate winners this week!

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This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

EYFS: Emmy-Eve Bell, For her super listening this week and for trying her very best in phonics and maths. Connah- Junior Stubbs for his super work in maths and Thomas Defty For always trying hard and for having a fantastic attitude to learning. Well done everyone!

Year 1: Lily Lawson,  has impressed Miss Atkinson this week with her hard work and progress in every subject! Mrs Dennison is super proud of Keeron Roberts for trying his best and producing some fantastic work in maths. Keep it up year 1!

Year 3: Bobby Gordon Watts has impressed Mrs Mahone and Mrs Foxton this week for trying really hard in reading and bringing his home reader in every day! Mrs Stephenson is super proud of Alisha Drinkald and her super effort with her times tables work-she says your hard work is certainly paying off! Keep it up year 3!

Year 4: Fletcher Murphy has impressed Mrs Smith this week with his amazing science work -you are a star! Logan Percy”s excellent effort and improved handwriting has made Mrs Moran smile and Casey Brown’s excellent manners, her ability to always be a good friend and her superb manners have knocked Mrs Waddell’s and Mrs Seaman’s socks off this week. Well done year 4!

Year  5: Jayden Isherwood has impressed Mr King this week by working so hard in literacy-he says your progress has made leaps and bounds this week-keep it up Jayden! Jamie Sanderson has impressed Mrs Forster with his super work in geography when naming the continents and oceans! Josh Wallwork has shared some wonderful ideas in literacy this week and has knocked Miss Slater’s socks off! Well done year 5-keep it up!

Year 6: Logan Morrit  has really impressed all staff by just being him! They all agree you are a pleasure to have in class! Maisie McConville has impressed everyone by always trying her best in maths-no matter how hard it is!  Jimmy Stephenson’s has impressed all staff after his first week at Southwick and everyone agrees you are a wonderful addition to our school! Well done year 6!

Well done to all of our amazing children in school this week and a huge pat on the back to our certificate winners! In the words of Mr Robson…Keep it up! We are all very proud!

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