Who has received a merit certificate?

Keep an eye on who has received a merit this week.

Nursery and Reception Star of the Week

Sophia Ball
Harvey Stobbart
Dante McHenry
Orion McHenry
Ivan Glover
Layla Fenbow

Key Stage 1


Year 1

Olivia Humphries
Charlie Deraoch

Year 2

Henry Gowland
Lenny Love


Year 1 – respect everyone in school
Masie McCririe
Harry Brown
AJ Harrison
Lukas Lawson Sykes

Year 2 – respect everyone in school

Jayden Tumwijukye
Faith Davies

Lower Key Stage 2

Class 7 – Clayton Sewell – always considers others feelings

Class 7A – Stephen Carter – always respectful of everyone

Class 8 – Evie Harrison – fabulous behaviour

Class 9 – Tiffany Luckham – excellent behaviour

Class 10 – Samantha Borsut – excellent behaviour

Upper Key Stage 2


Year 5:

Henry Xhepaj – working hard in numeracy to round numbers

Class 11 – giving 100% in their assembly. They were all amazing!

Year 6:

Jayden Leight Dickson – brilliant effort in practicing her spellings.

Layton Penock – his improved attitude towards learning.


Year 5:

Reece Grimes/Ivan Ross/Kai Ball – worked so well as a team on Beamish posters

Aaron Williams – is always kind and helpful to others.

Year 6

Kaie Kennedy – kind and helpful towards everyone in maths.

Lexie Ball – always considers hte feelings of others in lessons.