Look at what we’ve been up to in Reception

Winter and Africa

This week we having been learning about winter. We have thought about the different weathers we see in England and how this makes us feel. We have explored different clothes we need to wear to keep us warm, and enjoyed exploring the ice we found outside. We loved investigating what happens when we hold the ice in our warm hands, or when we add warm water to the ice. We have also been learning about how animals keep warm in the winter, and how some birds migrate to warmer countries over the winter months.

For continents week we have been learning all about Africa. We have been using our knowledge of England and winter to compare the similarities and differences between England and Africa. We have loved learning about the different African animals, housing, music, weather and food. We really enjoyed investigating some African fruits, exploring the different textures, shapes and colours, we were keen to find out about the different tastes of these fruits. Our favourite was the pineapple, and least favourite was the passion fruit! We have also made some amazing African art, painting sunsets and learning about mixing primary colours and adding finger printing to cut out African animals to make beautiful safari pictures.

Our homework heroes

Reception have been working hard on their homework this term which was based all around ‘Festivals of light’. Well done to all the children who completed some homework tasks and a huge well done to those who completed all six !. You are all homework heroes.

Pyjama and film day

Reception had so much fun coming to school dressed in their pyjamas. They felt so cosy whilst watching films and having lots of yummy treats. We had hot chocolate and popcorn whilst we enjoyed the film and snuggled up under cosy blankets. They designed their very own pair of pyjamas using a range of colours and patterns, they also took part in interactive games such as ‘ The Grinch run’. Throughout the day we played lots of fun games such as ‘pyjama snap’, we read Christmas stories and enjoyed watching our special message sent from Santa Claus in the North pole. At the end of the day we received a present from Santa and we were all so excited to open it ! This was such a lovely day.

Our Christmas party !

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party. We really enjoyed all the fun games we played and wearing our party clothes. Reception had such a good time dancing with their friends and teachers. We also enjoyed the delicious party food we ate.

Santa Dash 10.12.2021

On Friday the 10th of December Reception took part in a Santa Dash in school. We were so excited to have Santa Claus in our school and we all enjoyed chasing after him and meeting him. We were all so tired after all the running we did! Thank you Santa Claus for coming to our school.

Christmas Dinner 08.12.2021

On the 8th of December the whole school enjoyed their Christmas dinner. In Reception we loved having our Christmas dinner with all our class friends and our teachers. We all sat down to eat together and enjoyed the delicious food while we spoke about how excited we all are for Christmas and what we hope Santa Claus will bring us.

Our Trip to Beamish 01.12.2021

This week Reception have been on a school trip to Beamish. We met and received a gift from Santa. We visited the school and compared what schools were like in the past in comparison to now. We visited the church, the town, shops , saw ponies and visited the old fashioned houses. We rode on the tram and discussed how transport has changed throughout the years. We played with toys from the past in the old school yard and met very interesting people who taught us lots of facts about the past, showing us what they wore and teaching us about how they lived. We had an amazing time meeting Santa and learning lots of facts about the past.

Christmas Pantomime 29.11.2021

This week we had a very special treat in school. In preparation for the build up to Christmas we began our festivities with a Christmas Pantomime in school. We had so much fun dancing and singing along with the elf and Mrs Claus and we laughed from start to finish. The perfect start to the Christmas season shared with our class friends.

Learning about Hindu Weddings- Week commencing 22.11.2021

This week we have been learning all about Hindu weddings and traditions. We watched video clips of different Hindu weddings, read books, and learned lots of new facts in topic groups. In the creative area we made our own flowers using different materials. We looked at images of a range of flowers to inspire our work and then used these flowers to decorate our role play area arch and turn it into a canopy of flowers , as we learned this is a key tradition of a Hindu wedding. Once our Canopy was complete we wore Saree’s and traditional Hindu wedding clothes to act out our own Hindu wedding. In the malleable area we manipulated the play dough to create,decorate and design our own Hindu wedding cake’s whilst looking and comparing how they are similar and different to Christian wedding cakes. We also designed,decorated and drew our own Mehndi patterns as we learned Mehndi parties are a key tradition that a Hindu bride takes part in. We explored real Hindu wedding artifacts including traditional wedding clothing.

Learning about Christian Weddings- Week commencing 15.11.2021

This week in Reception we have been learning all about Christian Weddings and traditions. We have been writing our very own wedding invitations in the writing area, designing, painting and decorating wedding dresses in the creative area. In the maths area we have been using our maths skills to recognise numbers and count the correct amount of decorations to place onto the wedding dresses. We had a tuff tray full of dolls and used tissue paper to make wedding dresses and bouquets for them. We performed our own wedding in Southwick Methodist church. The bride wore a wedding dress that we made by hand sewing and the groom and best man wore top hats that were also made in our creative area. We created our own beautiful bouquet of flowers from tissue paper and ribbon. We returned to school and had a wedding reception where we all witnessed the bride and groom’s first dance and enjoyed our party food which we prepared ourselves of sandwiches and cakes. We took lots of photos using the photo props on the IPad just like we were in a real photo booth. We all had so much fun celebrating together.

Supporting Charities

Odd socks day 15.11.2021

In reception we took part in Odd socks day along with the rest of the school. On Odd Socks Day we celebrate what makes people unique, this event is organised by a charity who work together to try and stop bullying. On odd socks day we learned what a bully is and how we should treat everyone with respect and kindness. We helped raise money by purchasing keyrings, bracelets and ‘Be kind Bee’s’ from the older children in the school.

Children in need 19.11.2021

In Reception we took part in Children in need. We came into school dressed in our own clothes to help raise money for the charity. We also took part in the Pudsey bear design competition and learned all about how important it is to help those less fortunate.

Learning all about Remembrance day – week commencing 08.11.2021

This week in Reception, we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We have been learning how to march like the soldiers in the War in PE. We observed the two minutes silence in school and discussed the importance of the silence and why we do it. We made our own stained glass poppies, which we displayed on our window in our classroom. We also printed poppies using apples, and made poppies in the playdough. We looked at the artist Jackson Pollock and created poppies inspired by his artwork. We had a tuff tray, which had soldier figures in, we used the soldiers to re-inact what it was like to be a soldier in the war, we discussed what the trenches were like and the living conditions the soldiers had to endure. We designed, cut out medals, learned all about what the medals represented and how brave the soldiers were. We discussed how we thought the soldiers and their families would have felt during the war.

Outdoor learning day 04.11.2021

On Thursday the 4th of November 2021 , our school participated in a national Outdoor learning day. This was to help highlight and recognize the importance of learning opportunities outdoors. On this day we took all of our learning and our lessons outdoors. In reception we had lots of fun on our outdoor learning day, we went to the fire pit and Mrs Pattison showed us how putting special chemicals on the fire change the colour, just like fireworks. We climbed trees in our forest area, practiced our balance skills on our logs and ran and jumped on our climbing frame. We also love to explore the water area, seeing which objects can wiz down our track and splash into the pool. Our Maths and Literacy lessons were also outside, in math we practiced our formation in the sand and with chalk, we made our very own tens frame and used objects and us to show different amounts. In literacy we went on a letter hunt trying to identify the initial sounds in words.

Festival’s of light – week commencing 01.11.2021

This week in Reception we have been learning all about ‘Diwali’ the festival of light and also Bonfire night. We have been making our very own Rangoli patterns in the glitter sand using tools such as paintbrushes and forks. We have also been making our very own Diya lamps using clay and decorative materials such as beads and sequins. We have been reading stories and watching videos all about the festival and what happens at this special time. We looked at the special clothing wore when celebrating Diwali and the preparation and traditions that Diwali en-tales. We learned about the Gods and Goddesses that Diwali is associated with such as Lakshmi, Rama and Sita.

We have also been learning about Bonfire night this week in Reception. We read and learned all about the story of Guy Fawkes and the houses of parliament. We used masks to retell the story and act it out with our peers. We have also been drawing our very own firework pictures using chalk, paints, coloured pens and pencils. We all gathered around the fire pit and used ‘Magical flame’ to make our very own firework . We discussed how the flame changed colour and appearance, we also discussed how we could stay safe when we are around fire and fireworks.

Homework Heroes 22.10.2021

Reception have been working really hard on their homework this half term, which was based all around our topic of houses. Well done to all of the children who completed some homework tasks and a huge well done to those children who completed all 6 ! You are all homework heroes.

Our trip to Hylton Castle 18.10.2021

Reception have been on a trip to Hylton Castle! On our trip we participated in multiple activities both inside and outside of the Castle and its grounds. We made and decorated our very own crowns and were given the opportunity to pose like the Kings and Queens of the Castle in the throne. We also went on a hunt with our groups using our very own clip boards to search for the Rats that roam the castle grounds. We used our senses to explore the castle grounds and to listen, feel and touch our surroundings. We also went on our own very special tour of the castle and learned lots of facts about the History of the castle and how different life was then to how we live now.

Learning about Autumn – week commencing 11.10.2021

This week we have been learning all about the different seasons with a particular focus on the season Autumn. We have been making our own transient art outside using the natural resources which we collected ourselves. We then used these natural resources we collected such as the leaves to paint them and then print them onto paper in the outdoor writing area. We have also been exploring in our Autumn inspired tough tray with the Pine cones, Conkers and leaves talking all about the texture and appearance of the objects. In Reception this week, we have also been discussing and observing the physical changes between the four Seasons such as the temperature change, the change in the clothes we wear and the change in the environment around us at different points in the year. We have been discussing which animals go into hibernation and also what happens to the flowers and trees at Autumn time.


In PE Reception have been working very hard on their jumping and balancing Skills. Reception have also been working on their throwing and catching skills using the bean bags and learning how and when to change direction when they are running and to use the space around them. They have also been using the PE equipment such as tunnels, hula hoops and hurdles to crawl under,through, and to jump over them.

Hello Yellow 08.10.21

On Friday the 8th of October 2021 our school held a Hello yellow day. In Reception we all wore yellow in support of this. We were learning all about the importance of mental health throughout the day. We helped fund raise by purchasing worry worms and donating £1 to wear our own clothes. We also made and wore our own yellow crowns.

Space week challenge winner !

This week a space challenge was set across the entire school. Our Reception winner was Kayden Butler. Kayden won the space challenge certificate alongside a head teachers award for his hard work. Kayden made all of his friends in Reception Mars and Stars biscuits, thank you for your hard work and being such a kind friend Kayden.

Space Week – week commencing 04.10.2021

This week we have been learning all about space and the planets. We have been exploring in our space tough tray, reading books all about space and participating in fun space related activities. We have been using our knowledge of shapes to build our own rockets in the creative area, we have also been working on our printing skills in the creative area. We have been doing space counting in the math’s area and dressing up as astronauts using our role play skills to make up our own play narrative.

Learning all about Houses

This week we have been learning all about Houses. We have been building our own houses both inside and outside in the construction area. We have also been constructing our own houses in the Creative area using the junk modelling resources. We have been manipulating the play dough to design our own homes in the malleable area and learning all about different kinds of houses and the rooms within a house.

Macmillan Coffee morning 24.09.21

On Friday the 24th of September 2021, we had a Macmillan coffee morning in our school which we all attended. Reception enjoyed eating all the yummy cakes and talking to all their friends whilst enjoying the lovely treats.

Welcome to Reception

We have loved our transition into Reception after our time spent at home. We have enjoyed seeing our friends again and building new friendships with some of the children who have joined our school. We have been very busy getting to know our new teachers, exploring our new classroom and playing with our new toys. We have been learning lots of new things in our Phonics and Mathematics groups and have been showing off the new skills we have learnt in the provision and outdoors.