Look at what we’ve been up to in Reception


In PE Reception have been working very hard on their jumping and balancing Skills. Reception have also been working on their throwing and catching skills using the bean bags and learning how and when to change direction when they are running and to use the space around them. They have also been using the PE equipment such as tunnels, hula hoops and hurdles to crawl under,through, and to jump over them.

Hello Yellow 08.10.21

On Friday the 8th of October 2021 our school held a Hello yellow day. In Reception we all wore yellow in support of this. We were learning all about the importance of mental health throughout the day. We helped fund raise by purchasing worry worms and donating £1 to wear our own clothes. We also made and wore our own yellow crowns.

Space week challenge winner !

This week a space challenge was set across the entire school. Our Reception winner was Kayden Butler. Kayden won the space challenge certificate alongside a head teachers award for his hard work. Kayden made all of his friends in Reception Mars and Stars biscuits, thank you for your hard work and being such a kind friend Kayden.

Space Week 04.10.2021

This week we have been learning all about space and the planets. We have been exploring in our space tough tray, reading books all about space and participating in fun space related activities. We have been using our knowledge of shapes to build our own rockets in the creative area, we have also been working on our printing skills in the creative area. We have been doing space counting in the math’s area and dressing up as astronauts using our role play skills to make up our own play narrative.

Learning all about Houses

This week we have been learning all about Houses. We have been building our own houses both inside and outside in the construction area. We have also been constructing our own houses in the Creative area using the junk modelling resources. We have been manipulating the play dough to design our own homes in the malleable area and learning all about different kinds of houses and the rooms within a house.

Macmillan Coffee morning 24.09.21

On Friday the 24th of September 2021, we had a Macmillan coffee morning in our school which we all attended. Reception enjoyed eating all the yummy cakes and talking to all their friends whilst enjoying the lovely treats.

Welcome to Reception

We have loved our transition into Reception after our time spent at home. We have enjoyed seeing our friends again and building new friendships with some of the children who have joined our school. We have been very busy getting to know our new teachers, exploring our new classroom and playing with our new toys. We have been learning lots of new things in our Phonics and Mathematics groups and have been showing off the new skills we have learnt in the provision and outdoors.