Eggs, Birds and Spring

Nursery have had a really busy few weeks which began with the arrival of some eggs. The children were immediately enthused and couldn’t wait to see what popped out.

One by one the eggs began to crack and out popped 10 cut chicks.
The children were shocked to see how small and tired they were when they were first born– so they took it in turns to take care of baby chicks.

They children weighed and measured the chicks as they grew taller and stronger. We even took part in some chick races.

The children also painted their own chicks and used the dough to make some chicks. The children took part in lots chick counting activities too.

It has been lovely to see the children enjoying this theme so much and we are really pleased with all of the wonderful things they have been busy doing over the past few weeks, it was sad to say goodbye to the chicks but we have loved having them to stay.