Logan Foot in year 4 brought in some of his art work that he has completed at home. I’m sure you will agree he is a very talented young man-thank you for sharing this fantastic work with us Logan!

Harley Leadbitter used his mam’s phone to find instructions to draw Ironman-the results are fabulous Harley-thank you for sharing it with us and well done!

Kenzie Phillips wasn’t bored during isolation-he decided to create Snooky the elephant. Snooky also plays the piano! Well done Kenzie!

Kayden Brown keeps very busy at home practising his art skills too. These are wonderful Kayden-thank you for sharing!

Deacon Stokell has sent us a picture of him kickboxing. Being active is one of our 5 ways to well being and Deacon is certainly active as he trains every night! Thank you for sharing your photo Deacon, we are so proud to see you enjoying and excelling at a hobby that keeps you so fit!

Lilley Addison brought some lovely work in to show us that she had done at home. She was very pleased with her efforts and we are very proud of her too-well done Lilley!