What we’ve been up to in Nursery in Autumn

The Start of our new year in Nursery

Over the past two weeks we have all been settling into Nursery and developing relationships with our own key workers. We are split into key groups which are Penguins with Mrs Skipp, Elephants with Miss Scott and Polar Bears with Miss Cogdon.  We have lots of fun learning with our new resources and toys, finding out where everything is and where to put it back again.  We are beginning to build some lovely friendships and have had lots of fun!

The Gruffalo

This week we have been learning about the Gruffalo.  The children have really enjoyed reading the story and learning more about the different characters in the story.

They have been exploring the home of the Gruffalo and the things that you would find in a wood. A group of children collected some natural objects and used these to make a Gruffalo style perfume.  It smelled beautiful!!  The children also enjoyed mark making using a range of natural resources that you would be find a wood.

Later on this week we began making cakes for out Gruffalo party.  The children worked together to make Owl style tree top houses, in the form of chocolate crispy cakes.

And a fox style underground house- Chocolate muffins decorated with green icing.

And of course our very own Gruffalo Crumble!

Our Gruffalo party in aid of MacMillan Cancer Research

Today we had our Gruffalo party! The children and their families helped raise over £32 pounds for Macmillan Cancer Research.  We had such fun whilst raising money for such a worthwhile cause.

We enjoyed our cake and crumble that we had made and even had time for some party games and dancing.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support!
Look at how much fun we had!

Harvest Festival

This week the children have been learning all about Harvest festival. They learned all about the different kinds of fruit and vegetables. We started the week off by colour sorting  the vegetables. After colour sorting, the children used the vegetables to make printed pictures. Later on in the week the children helped to cut up a variety of vegetables to make vegetable soup. They also helped to make bread buns to eat with their soup. As part of their learning of fruit and vegetables they also leaned about the berries that woodland creatures would eat. The children squashed the berries in a sandwich bag and used the juices from the berries to paint pictures.

The children had a fantastic week learning all about harvest festival.

Autumn Leaf Decorating

Throughout the last week the children have been taking part in a variety of activities linked to autumn leaves. We have been trying out different ways to decorate the leaves such as adding sequins and glitter to them, rolling conkers in Autumn coloured paint and rolling them across them and finally by sticking tissue paper shapes to a leaf silhouette to create a stained glass window effect. The children have also had lots of fun exploring various autumn objects such as pine cones, leaves and conkers.

Leaf Man

At the beginning of this week we began reading the story of the leaf man.  The children were fascinated to discover all of the hidden secret pictures within the story and all the different things that the leaves could look like.  Some the children decided to make their own leaf pictures.  We gathered leaves from out side and began creating our pictures.

Can you guess what they are??

Parent workshop

Later on in the week we enjoyed an amazing visit to Scotswood Garden with our own grown ups.  We went on a Gruffalo hunt and found the owl in her tree top house, the snake in the log pile house and even a fox beside an underground house and the last thing we found was …. THE GRUFFALO! After our hunt we search for Autumn objects and found some amazing things.Last we decided to build a hut for a Gruffalo.  They were all amazing!

We have had such fun this half and we have learned so much.  We can not wait to see what we will be learning next half term.

Happy half term holidays everyone!  we hope you have all have a lovely time off school.

Room on the Broom

We started this week by reading a new book ‘Room on the Broom’.

We have loved learning all about witches and have also enjoyed exploring about them throughout our play by making witches from play dough and also making potions with lentils and objects related to Halloween and witches. We have also carried out activities related to Halloween by hammering nails into a pumpkin to help strengthen our muscles in our hands that will help us to hold our pencils when drawing and writing.

On Wednesday for Halloween we came into Nursery dressed up in scary outfits. We had a party where we moved to some spooky music and had a fantastic time. After having a dance we had a special treat and ate our yummy chocolate witches hat biscuits that we made earlier in the week.

We have had such a spooky and scary week and we’ve really enjoyed ourselves.

Firework Paintings

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night and to celebrate we made our very own firework pictures by using the pipette to drop paint onto paper and then using straws to blow the paint.

Counting beads

The children used their pincer grips to count out beads from the cauldron and then match them to that numbered witches broomstick.

The Science Experiment

We used a magnet to attract the witch and make it fly around the sky scene. We had to remember to keep the magnet flat on the back of the scene otherwise the witch would fall from the sky.

Remembrance Day

Today we learned about Remembrance day and how we wear a poppy to show that we remember all of the soldiers that died in the war. As part of our learning we made poppies from a variety of creative resources such as paint, paper, pom poms and tissue paper. 


Learning in the environment

This week the children have enjoyed using all the areas of the continuous provision. They really enjoyed using their imaginative skills to make a bus by moving all of the chairs around in the area to make a line and inviting all their friends to join on their ride. Some of the children helped Miss Cogdon to dig up the potatoes from the outside allotment and then helped her to cut them up to make chips. All of the children enjoyed the chips, they were very crispy.

Room on the broom stars

As we have enjoyed reading the book ‘Room on the broom’ the children used their creative skills to make stars out of lolly sticks to help the witch see in the dark.

Our walk up Penshaw monument

As part of children in need we all took part n a sponsored walk up Penshaw monument. It was very cold so we all got wrapped up and set off on our walk, When we got to the top we stopped and had a rest where we had a carton of milk and a piece of snack to recharge our batteries for our walk back down. As part of the walk Mrs Skipp, Miss Scott and Miss Maddison decided to take it to the next level and ran up to the monument. Everyone was so pleased of themselves and each other for taking part in the walk. All of the sponsors raised will go to Grace house.

Stick Man!

This week we have moved onto our new topic relating to the story of ‘Stick Man’. The children have been accessing various resources linking to the story such as exploring our small-world stick man village, wrapping wool around sticks, creating stick pictures in our creative area and making marks using sticks in the paint and in the sand.

In the number area we have been looking at the size of the sticks and working out which ones are ‘big’ and which ones are ‘small’. We have also been exploring the instant snow and the arctic animals as well as creating stick men and snowmen in the dough area.

Christmas Time at Nursery!

Over the last 3 weeks we have been having lots of Christmas fun in Nursery! We have learned all about the story of the Nativity and performed our ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’ Performance to our families. We have been very creative making lots of crafts and decorations linked to Christmas.

We finished off our wonderful Christmas fun with a visit from Santa Claus when our families came in to work us in our family workshop.