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Look at what we’ve been up to in Reception

Settling into Reception

We have had a fantastic couple of weeks in Reception! We have really enjoyed getting to know our new teachers and have loved exploring all the different areas. We are really excited for the year ahead and we are looking forward to learning lots of new things. Watch this space!

Busy in PE

Have a look at us doing PE! We love the games that we play Jane. We play lots of games that help us develop our listening skills, use our space bubbles to make sure that we are always in a space and learn lots of new skills. This week we have continued to develop our side stepping and we have even learnt how to do a forward roll! How good are we? Mrs Wake is very impressed with us. We are all becoming more confident on our large scale PE equipment- we certainly have some little dare devils in Reception! Roll on next week for our next session.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In Reception we have been learning all about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have been very busy exploring different types of chocolate. We started off learning about the characters from the story. We loved Violet when she turned into a blueberry and when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got stuck in the tube. We created our favourite characters using different materials such as paint, glue, play dough and even blocks! We then safely created a fire using our fire pit, cooked milk on the fire and tasted different flavoured hot chocolate; mint, belgian and white hot chocolate. We took a vote and white hot chocolate was our least favourite and mint was the best. The next day we tasted different chocolate bars such as: twix, mars bar, crunchie, chocolate orange and milky way, discussing their flavours and textures and which was our favourite. We designed our chocolate bars and then made our own on Thursday, melting our favourite chocolate and addind our favourite toppings (popping candy, sprinkles, oreos and even marshmallows). We even got to lick the spoon once we have melted the chocolate. We have had lots of fun and now know lots about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and chocolate!