Look at what we’ve been up to in Reception

All about me, my family and local area

In Reception, we are learning about ourselves, families and homes. We will be learning vocabulary related to our family and home. We will also be creating our own family tree for a beautiful display in our area. We will be talking about rules and how to be a good friend in Reception. We are also talking about our local area and ways to keep it tidy. In school, we will be looking at ways to keep healthy and will be making healthy foods. We can’t wait for this term!


Settling into Reception

We have had a fantastic couple of weeks in Reception! We have really enjoyed getting to know our new teachers and have loved exploring all the different areas. We are really excited for the year ahead and we are looking forward to learning lots of new things. Watch this space!

Brushing our Teeth 

In Reception, we have been looking at the importance of keeping our teeth clean for a shiny smile. We have discussed why we need to keep our teeth clean and how to keep them clean. We have been brushing our teeth every day with our friends and are going to keep this up throughout the year. We love it!

Planting Potatoes

We planted some potatoes in Nursery with Miss Cogdon. We worked with Miss Dickinson to dig out the potatoes and we got lots. We then worked as a team to clean all of the potatoes and to get rid of the bad/rotten ones. We then peeled and chopped the potatoes into crisp shapes, chips and cubes to make mash. We cooked them and tasted them together, talking about the different textures and whether or not we liked the taste of them. They were yummy.

The Little Red Hen

This Autumn term in Reception we have been reading the Little Red Hen story and have learnt so much. We talked about bread and how you make bread. We looked at a recipe and talked about ingredients to made bread dough. We know that flour is really important and we were so intrigued that it comes from wheat. We made bread together, kneading and pushing the dough. We loved it. We then made sandwiches with our bread buns to eat at the Teddy’s Bears picnic we had to raise money for MacMillan. They were yummy. We loved making dough so much, we then made pizza dough and then invited our family in to make pizzas with us.

Family Workshop

This is us making pizzas with our families. We loved it. We even cooked them at home and ate them for out tea!

Outdoor Learning

Whilst we were in group time, the Little Red Hen sneaked into our classroom and left footprints of flour. They led to the outdoor area and into the forest. We followed them and found a note, asking us to help her make some pizzas. We worked in teams, exploring the outdoors to find toppings to put onto the pizza base, made out of logs.

Mental Health Awareness

Reception have loved wearing yellow today (10th October 2019) to support people with mental health. We have also made some yellow accessories in the classroom for ourselves and our friends.

Visiting the Cenotaph

We visited the cenotaph with some children from year 6 to show our respects to the soldiers who died for us in the war. We laid down our poppies that we made in class to show that we remember them and to say thanks.

Nursery Rhymes at the Beacon of Light.

We went to the Beacon of Light in the mini buses to take part in different Nursery Rhyme activities. We had so much fun singing new and old Nursery Rhymes, playing football, making a dance up to ‘I’m going to the Zoo’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and then decorating stars for ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. We even met Samson the Cat!

Visiting Santa at Boldon Lodge

We went to Boldon Lodge and had so much fun. First, we decorated our Santa hats in the elf classroom. We then went outside and found out the silly elf lost her jigsaw pieces. We worked in teams to find the jigsaw pieces in the magical forest and then put the pieces together. We then sang Christmas carols as we toasted marshmallows around the fire pit and then ate them. We then went into the Elf’s workshop where we drank hot chocolate and made our very own Reindeer tree decorations. Santa then kindly invited us into his home where we talked about what we want for Christmas. It was magical!

Holy Trinity Church

We walked to Holy Trinity Church today to see Reverend Jen. We talked about our Nativity and the Christmas story. We also learnt the importance of Advent and the countdown to Christmas. We lit candles on the advent wreath and talked about the different stages advent, joy, love, peace, hope and Christmas. We then sang an advent song.

Being Healthy

Our topic has been about healthy eating. We have been talking about ways to keep healthy. We now know we keep healthy through eating the correct foods, exercising, keeping clean and having a good nights sleep. We went to Aldi and bought lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and some unhealthy foods. We then chopped up the healthy foods to make fruit kebabs and smoothies. We voted which was our favourite fruits and made a pictogram in maths to show our results. We loved tasting different fruits and vegetables and now know the difference in healthy and unhealthy foods, and what makes them healthy and unhealthy.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is one of Reception’s favourite Traditional Tales. We have been exploring this book and have loved every minute, retelling the story and making and tasting porridge of our own. We used our knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods to choose our toppings. We also explored porridge oats in the continuous provision, helping us to count spoonfuls and amounts as well as making the bowls full, empty and half full.

Chinese New Year

We have been fascinated, learning about Chinese New Year. We have looked at the customs and traditions and how their celebrations are similar and different to ours. We had a table full of artifacts to explore as well as tasting Chinese foods. We also tried on their clothing. We had lots of fun!

World Book Day

We have had a great day celebrating World Book Day. We have shared lots of our favourite books and made some crowns and wands to match our teachers costumes. We have had a fashion show, sharing our fabulous costumes.