Look at what we’ve been up to in Reception

Welcome to Reception

We have loved our transition into Reception after our time spent at home. We have enjoyed seeing our friends again and building new friendships with some of the children who have joined our school. We have been very busy getting to know our new teachers, exploring our new classroom and playing with our new toys. We have been learning lots of new things in our Phonics and Mathematics groups and have been showing off the new skills we have learnt in the provision and outdoors. 


Fun with Mrs Hughes

Every Friday we have PE with Mrs Hughes. Over the past few weeks we have been exploring the apparatus, developing our listening skills, working hard on our running, target throwing and negotiating space. Mrs Hughes is so proud of how much we are achieving and how our skills are continuously developing.

Art Attack

We have been learning about a famous artist called Frida Kahlo. We were fascinated by the bright colours on her art work. We decided to be artists ourselves by making our own brightly coloured flower crowns and creating our own pieces of art work. We then linked our flower crown work with Elmer, talking about the colours on his patchwork skin. We then had a parade, celebrating that we are each unique, like Elmer. We even wore our flower crowns.