Year 2 Photos

Dream Catcher

As part of our Dazzling Dahl topic we have designed and created our very own dream catchers. We shared and discussed what dream catchers are and the special features they have. For example feathers act like ladders allowing good dreams to descend on the infant or adult who is sleeping. We had to think carefully about our designs making sure we were designing for a purpose.

When we made our dream catchers we followed our designs carefully to make sure we included all of our chosen features.

We loved learning how to weave the web feature of the dream catcher. Although some of us found this difficult we did not give up.

Take a look at our wonderful creations…

NSPCC Maths Day!

Today is NSPCC Maths Day and we have had so much fun in Year 2. We came into school in number fancy dress and we all looked fab!

Our challenge today was to design and make a maths game for the Year 1 children. We thought really carefully about our games and the different maths skills that the Year 1 children would need to use to play them. We designed and created two of our very own maths games that focused on representations of numbers.We included, dienes, counters, place value arrows, money, tallies, words, dice, ten frames, fingers and numicon on our game boards and cards.

In the afternoon, we got to play the maths games that the Year 1 children had made for us. We had to use conceptual and perceptual subitising as well as simple mental addition to identify the amount that was represented. We loved playing them and showed all of our brilliant maths knowledge as we played!

Throughout the day we played lots of maths games. We even made biscuits, making sure we measured the ingredients accurately using scales. We then had lots of fun decorating our biscuits with numerals and representations. We used lots of amazing maths vocabulary throughout the day. Look what we have been up to…


Creative Character masks…

During our study of the story The Enormous Crocodile, we discussed our favourite characters and explained our choices. We then designed and created 3D masks using paper plates. We collaged our masks using a variety of materials; we are very proud of our finished products. Take a look at our super masks! Can you guess our characters?

Animal habitat boxes

In Year 2 we have made a habitat box for our chosen animal group. In our topic sessions, we researched our habitat and looked closely at pictures to ensure we made detailed accurate representations. We painted our box to create a background colour, then we decorated our boxes to include the key features of the habitat. We used a wide range of resources to create trees, animals, vines, corals, rocks and seaweed. We are very proud of our final boxes and think they would make perfect ocean and rainforest habitats for our animals.

Zoo Lab visit

In Year 2 we were very lucky to have a visit from Zoo lab. This linked to our ‘Adapting Animals’ topic. We got to revisit and embed our learning about habitats, adaptations and animal groups by discussing each of the animals in detail. We had lots of fun recalling different facts and learning new interesting facts that we did not know.

Did you know cockroaches can be put in the freezer for 5 years and survive?

Did you know rats are mammals so they do not hibernate?

We had lots of fun take a look at our wonderful experience.

Spring Chicks!

Spring Chicks

This spring time in Year 2, we were super lucky to be able to look after our very own chicks. We found out all about chicks and how we can take care of them.

Did you know female chicks are brown and male chicks are yellow?

We had lots of fun helping our teachers cleaning their container and making sure they had fresh bedding, food and water each day.

We linked our wonderful experience with science as we discussed the lifecycle of a chick.

We had lots of fun holding them as they were super cute and fluffy.

Take a look at our amazing Easter treat!

Easter Crafts

As part of the whole school Easter competition, Year 2 created a moving Easter craft. We used oil pastels to add colour to our rainibow, we designed a rabbit to move over the hill and we used a combination of materials that were cut and torn to add texture to our hills.

Take a look at our excellent Easter crafts…

The winners of the competition for Year 2, chosen by the school council were Ella Jenkins and Amelia Anderson

Children in Need 2020

For Children in Need in Year 2, we focused on ‘Five to thrive’ – all 5 ways to well-being. On Monday we connected, Tuesday we took notice, Wednesday we got active, Thursday we were curious and tried new things and on Friday we gave by donating £1 to the charity.

Take a look at our wonderful Children in Need outfits!

Anti-bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week we celebrated differences by wearing odd socks.