Under the sea

This week we have been learning about under the sea.

We have learnt what animals live in the water and which ones live on land. We also spoke about what we would find under the sea in the water.

Reading area

Our story this week was ‘Sharing a shell’. This was a great story we all enjoyed and helped us learn about sharing with our friends just like the crab shared with the bristleworm & anemone.

Understanding of the World

In our under the theme topic we did a little experiment with freezing fish. We helped to put the fish in some water, froze them overnight then saw the changes the next day! We tried to melt & break down the ice to free the fish!

During this week we have been discovering what lives under the sea. We had to sort out the land and sea animals.

Water Area

We had great fun in our water area, we used the fishing rods to catch our fish from under the sea.

Creative Area

After reading our sharing the shell story, we painted our own crabs looking in particular at the features they have.

We had great fun designing our own rainbow fish!

We have had lots of practice on our cutting skills, we cut out little fish and made them into puppets.