Let’s Celebrate!!

This half term we are learning about different celebrations. We are learning about why and how we celebrate.

Have a look at some of the fun activities we did whilst learning about the different celebrations

Let’s Celebrate Halloween

We have been learning more about the spook-tacular festival of Halloween.

Spooky Reading and Potions

We have loved listening to and reading the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. It is an amazing story and we were all able to join in with the actions and the repeated refrains. We acted out the story using the characters and soon spoon people. It was lots fun!

We also used the recipe the witch uses to make her broom to try to make our own potion. We were all amazed at the results, although it never to made a flying broomstick!

Witchy role play

Frighteningly good Art

We made lots of lovely witch inspired art. Some children recreated witches using the dough, others painted pictures.

Shape witches

The children used 2d shapes to make these amazing witches. Some children were able to name the shapes, others were able to talk about the shapes of the objects using every day langue such as pointy and round.

Spooky counting

We have been doing lots of counting this week too. We are getting better every day.

Let’s Celebrate Bonfire night

This week we also looked at Bonfire night. We learned the story of Guy Fawkes and how he tried to blow up the King of England. We also learning about how this beautiful festival is celebrated.

Firework art

Firework counting

Firework Threading

Marshmallow melting

To end our firework topic we lit out firepit and enjoyed some marshmallow toasting. They tasted delicious.

Let’s Celebrate Remembrance

This week we have been learning about Remembrance day. We learned about why we celebrate this day, and about the soldiers that have fought in the wars, and are still fighting in wars to keep us safe. We also learned more about how it is celebrated, and the importance of the poppy as a symbol of remembering the soldiers.

Poppy art

We made lots of poppy pictures. We used lots of red and green loose parts to make some fantastic loose part poppies

Poppy and soldier style counting fun

Poppy planting

we planted some poppy seeds and are busy watching them grow.

Soldier play

Medal exploration

We were lucky enough to see some real life soldier medals from the first world war. we made some of our own medals to send to some of the soldiers to day thank you

Let’s Celebrate Children in Need

This week we have been celebrating with Pudsey bear, and raising money for Children in need. This is such an important charity and close to the hearts of our children at Southwick. With the support of out parents and carers we are raising money to support some amazing local charities for example Pennywell Youth project, Sunderland Careers center, Grace house, Parker Trust and Sunderland AFC Foundation of light.

We made cakes and took part in lots of fun activities.

We all had a ‘Spotacular’ Children In Need Day.  Everyone looked fabulous in their yellow and spotty clothes!

We raised an absolutely amazing, £44!

Thank you so much to all the pupils and their parents for the generous donations.

Let’s celebrate Nursery rhymes

We celebrated World Nursery rhyme week. This means celebrating the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood, with over 4 million children from 106 countries around the world

World Nursery Rhyme Week is targeted at children under the age of 7. Despite this, anyone can take part. Nursery Rhyme Week can be fantastic for anyone looking to get their children interested in poetry, song, verse and more.

Nursery Rhyme week is a week full of activities designed to explore the three key areas of skill development:

  • vocabulary, language and literacy skills
  • numeracy skills
  • social, physical and emotional skills

The central element of the week is the Rhyme-A-Day Challenge.  The Rhyme-a-Day Challenge is an annual part of the weekly festivities. Every year, five nursery rhymes are chosen, one for each of the weekdays that Nursery Rhyme Week encompasses and each day, there is an encouragement of having exercises and activities related to that day’s rhyme.

This year the Nursery Rhymes were: Twinkle Little star; 1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive; Row your Boat; Miss Polly had a Dolly; and Baa Black sheep.

This what we did.

Baa Baa black sheep

Miss Polly had a dolly

Row row row your boat

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive

Twinkle Twinkl little star

Let’s Celebrate the Festival of Light

Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Diwali, which for some also coincides with harvest and new year celebrations, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. We celebrated in school by making some lovely art work. Some diva lamps. We joined in with some Indian inspired dancing and tried some food. We had lots of fun!


Diva Lamps

Food Tasting

Diwali Dough

Diwali Maths

Let’s Celebrate Christmas


We started our Christmas topic reading the story of stickman. We did lots of activities linked this story. We loved it very much

The Nativity

In key groups we have been learning about why we celebrate Christmas. We have been reading the story of the first Christmas and have learned that Christians believe that a long long time ago a baby called Jesus, who was the son of God, was born in Bethlehem in a manager

Christmas Craft

We have also been doing lots of crafts ready for Christmas.

We had a Christmas Wonderland

Look at what we got up to!!




Christmas Party

We loved our Christmas party!! We all looked fabulous and had a real good time!!

North Pole Express Day

We came to school in our pajamas and watching Christmas movies whilst having hot chocolate, sweets and popcorn. It was lots of fun!

Santa Dash

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


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