Ice Age

Winter is a magical time of year, and we just can’t ‘let it go’ when it comes to the beautiful moments we have been able to capture over the last few weeks.

Whilst the weather may have made you want to get cozy on the couch we have been enjoying a topic that is super chill.

This half term our topic has been Ice Age!! We investigated Winter and learned more about freezing and melting and the impact on Dinosaurs all inspired by the smash hit movie Ice Age!

Come and see what freezing fun we have had and how we learned the true force of nature is love!

What is Winter?

We began our topic by learning about Winter and what happens in winter. We went on a winter walk around school to look for signs that it was Winter.

It has been a very warm Winter this year, so this has been a bit tricky so we looked at some pictures of winter on the Internet to help us.

Winter reading and writing

We also read lots of books based on Winter.

We love Percy the park keeper, so One Snowy Night was one of our favourites. We also read Jack Frost, the Snowman, The Snow Queen and lots of other winter book, and of course Ice Age!!

Ice- tastic Artwork

We thought about the colours of winter and made some amazing art work, by painting with the ‘cold’ colours go white, blue, silver, purple.

We made snow and ice collages and really enjoyed process art.

We made lots of different types of snowflakes and thought more about how tools can be used for different purposes and how media can be added for different effects.

Winter Finger gym

We learned about how important it is to help the birds in winter time and we used our developing finger gym skills to make some amazing bird seed feeders for the birds to enjoy. We didn’t see any birds but they seemed to enjoy our feast we made them.

Freezingly Good Maths

Winter inspired some truly magical maths work.

We used a timer and then ‘caught’ as many snowballs as possible and then counted how many we had altogether. We were very good at counting.

We matched different patterns on gloves and hats and we even counted marshmallows into numbered cups.

We loved using the loose parts and then matching the correct number of objects to the numbers on the character mats.

We even made a snowman by adding his body parts once we had worked hard to roll a dice and count the number of spots altogether.

Ice writing

We enjoyed using magic ice dust to practice drawing and writing our numbers and letters.

Frozen Ice

We all knew Winter has the power to make ice, but we wanted to learn more about how it worked.

In groups we made some yummy ice lollies and explored how water changed when it was Frozen.


We learned that some people and animals live in the snow all year round.

We learned about how many Inuit’s live in igloo’s. We compared their homes to ours and made our igloo’s.

We learned more about how they cook and how different it is to the way we cook. We made hot milk on the firepit just Inuit’s do when in their igloo’s

We also look at what they wear. We made designed our own clothing.


We looked at how ice had wiped out the dinosaurs. We tried to save some dinosaurs that had been frozen. We explored how some tools including salt, water and a hammer to see how we could get it to melt.

We investigated what dinosaurs looked like and took part in some amazing dinosaur art.

We looked at their diet and what they liked to eat.

We also explored their homes and where they live.

We also made dinosaur homes using the 2D and 3D shapes in the blocks and in the junk modelling.

The Ice Age Ball

We are all super excited for our Ice age ball and we have been busy writing invitations…..

…… and making decorations!!

It’s going to be so much fun!


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