Accelerated Reader…

Did you know that we use Accelerated Reader in school?

Accelerated Reader is a computer-based program that we use to monitor reading practice and progress. It helps teachers guide children to books that are appropriate to their reading levels. Children take short quizzes after reading a book to check if they’ve understood it.

As a school we can then look at how many books the children have read, how many words the children have read and check that the children are reading the correct books.

Each classroom has their own display and we also have a whole school display in the corridor to show everyone our Accelerated Reader Leader board. The leader board will be based on book count, word count and participation. (This will change every week)

I will keep you updated as to which class is the winner at the end of every half term.

If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader please message the email below:

Thanks again,

Miss Hetherington 🙂


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