Rewards 5th February 2021

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Nursery: Dennijoe Rochester-you have settled back into school well this week, well done, Dennijoe!

Reception: Louie Tench, you have received your certificate for the excellent work you have done this week-you have worked so hard and we are all very proud!

Year 1: Sienna Allan, you are a star this week for all of the amazing effort you have shown, what would we do without you? Keep it up you absolute star!

Year 2: Amelia Catherside, you have impressed us all with your fabulous description work about the witch when learning about Hansel and Gretal, well done, Amelia!

Year 3: Katie Roberts, you are a star this week for trying so hard with your expression when reading-you are impressing us all! Well done, Katie! The whole of year 3 are stars this week for your amazing sewing skills when making your puppets this week-you are all amazing, well done!

Year 4: Frazer Brown you are a star for simply being you-you are trying so hard in absolutely everything you do-well done, Frazer! Logan Addison, you are a star this week for making everyone happy with your wonderful laugh and beautiful smile that cheers everyone up-thank you, Logan!

Year 5: Samanta Borsut-you are working so hard in all areas and we cannot ask anymore of you-you are amazing and we are so proud!

This week’s Home Learning Heroes are…

Nursery: Nyah Lee Wright you are the nursery Home Learning Hero as you always work very hard and always join in live lessons, well done, Nyah!

Reception: James McMahon, you are a Home Learning Hero this week for all of your hard work, your name writing and your reading, well done, James!

Year 1: Lily Lawson, you are the year 1 Home Learning Hero this week for trying so hard with everything you do-we are so impressed-keep it up, Lily!

Year 2: Elzbieta Nayir, you have earned your certificate for your continuous effort with home learning and your extra research each week! You are a Home Learning Hero and e are so proud!

Year 3: Lucas Dawson, you are a Home Learning Hero this week for your brilliant participation in live lessons, keep it up, Lucas, we are all so proud!

Year 4: Alora Wilson, the standard of your work is amazing and we are so proud of everything you are doing at home-well done, Alora! Lainey-Rae Brett, the excellent standard of your work and the sheer volume of work you are completing is exceptional-we are so very proud, well done, Lainey! Amy Flood, we are so impressed with the levels of engagement you are showing during live lessons and all of the home learning you are completing too-well done, Amy! And last, but by no means least-Harley Leadbitter-you have worked like a trooper and have completed every piece of work we have set-we are so unbelievably proud of you-keep it up and well done, Harley!

Alyx Thompson, you are a Home Learning Hero and the standard of your home learning is brilliant-keep it up you absolute star! Eden Sampson, you are also a Home Learning Hero-we couldn’t be any prouder of the amazing work you are producing at home, keep it up and well done Eden!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

This week Mr Robson has been amazed by all of our children who are in school and at home. One of the youngest members of Southwick Primary knocked his socks off this week and it is Ariyah Shillito from our New Beginnings Nursery. Ariyah, your robot is amazing and we are so very proud of how hard you have worked to create it-we are so proud-well done!

Well done to all of our children and families this week, it has been another busy one and we are so so proud of all of the home learning, in school learning and live lesson work you have been doing-keep it up Southwick Primary!


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