Rewards 4th February 2022

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

EYFS: Ivy Neal, you have good listening ears and have been a great friend, well done Ivy! Theia Wallace, your vocabulary has been building and you have followed all of the rules in nursery too-well done, Theia! Renesme Burlinson, your sound and number work has been amazing this week-well done! Maddison-Rose Hall, you have asked and answered so many questions this week-well done! Lucas Jones, you have tried your very best in all of your learning-you are a star! John James Gillespie, you have applied all of your maths and RWI learning beautifully this week-well done!

Year 1: Layla Newton, you have done FANTASTIC number work this week-well done, Layla! CJ Stubbs, your story telling skills have been great when writing The 3 Little Pigs-well done, CJ! Millie Glover, you have tried so hard to ‘Fred’ in your head and your reading is coming along beautifully! Well done, Millie!

Year 2: Evah Dixon, this is for your amazing animal adaptation facts-you thought very carefully about your sentences-well done! Frazer McLaughlin, you have tried so hard in all of your RWI lessons this week-well done, Frazer!

Year 3: Darcy Wilkinson, you have went the extra mile in every lesson this week-you are a star! Well done, Darcy! Jason Pearson, you have been so positive towards all of your learning this week-we are so proud! Well done, Jason!

Year 4: Bahar Fars, you have a great attitude to your home reading and you are making fabulous progress! Well done, Bahar! Isabella Dickson, this is for your amazing history work when looking at Anglo Saxon artefacts! Well done, Isabella!

Year 5: Logan Storey, you have worked so hard in maths this week when adding and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers! Well done, Logan! Jasmine Doughty, you wrote a wonderful character description of Snow White-you are a star! Theon Luckham, your amazing research into volcanoes and continuing this research at home to ensure you had all of the facts has proven what a star you are-well done Theon! Lily Brewis, you have worked so hard to improve your writing and we are so proud of you! Keep it up!

Year 6: Jaycie-Leigh Conlon, you have been such a kind and helpful young lady this week (again!) You are an absolute super star! Well done, Jaycie! Sophia Robinson, your effort and enthusiasm in maths has been amazing again-you always give 100% in everything you do! Well done, Sophia! Krystal Towle, you not only give 100% in everything you do-you are a pleasure to have in class and we are very lucky to have you! Thank you, Krystal!


Year 1: Carson King, you help others and have a lot of thanks from your peers too-well done, Carson! Miles McBurnie, you were really proud and excited to share who helps you achieve your goals-well done! Louie Clark, you help your friends around the classroom all the time-thank you, Louie!

Year 2: Lola Smith, you always help others during lessons if they are unsure-thank you, Lola! Jade Pearson, you gave your partner fantastic praise in RWI-well done, Jade!

Year 3: Charlie James, you have helped everyone-you have been a great support in maths this week-well done! Conal Murphy, you are an amazing friend and you have helped lots of people this week-well done, Conal!

Year 4: Frankie Strong, you support your friends to ensure they always do their best-well done, Frankie! Jenny Fenwick, you are always offering help and support when needed-thank you, Jenny!

Year 5: Lucas Jarvis, you always help your friends when they are stuck-thank you Lucas! Sofia Brown, you are always such a great work partner and team player-well done, Sofia! Bayley Galer, you are such a kind and caring boy who loves to help others-well done, Bayley!

Year 6: Jayden Docherty, your supportive and ‘can do’ attitude helps others-you are such a kind and considerate young man! Johnjoe McKinnell, you are so supportive to others and help people believe they can do it! Thank you Johnjoe!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Logan Storey has massively impressed Mr Robson this week with his addition of 2 and 3-digit numbers-well done Logan!


This week’s winners are Class 14 with 97% Well done all of you!


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