Rewards 4th December

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Ronnie Smith-you’ve really impressed Mrs Jardine this week as you always use good manners when asking to get past your friends-good boy Ronnie! Lily Lawson, you’ve impressed Miss Atkinson this week as you are always kind to everyone-well done year 1!

Year 2: Amelia Anderson, you have impressed Miss Turner this week as you always find something kid to say about everyone! Elzbieta Nayer, you have made Miss Brook smile as you also ALWAYS use kind words and you have such a warm heart-well done girls!

Year 3: Lola Richardson-you have impressed Mrs Foxton and Mrs Mahone this week as you always have something kind to say and you are amazing at building people up and making others smile! Larna Scott-you have made Mrs Stephenson smile this week as you were able to discuss how words make other people feel-well done both of you!

Year 4: Alora Wilson you have impressed Mrs Seaman and Mrs Waddell this week as you are always giving compliments to your friends and teachers! Deacon Stokell you are Mrs Smith’s star this week as you always use kind words to everyone and you are the first to stand up and address any unkindness-well done Deacon! Riley Wilkinson, you have impressed Mrs Moran this week as you use kind words to your friends and help other people to feel better-well done year 4!

Year 5: Abby Sommerford, you have put a huge smile on Mr King’s face this week as you always praise other children in school and on the yard! Krystal Towle, you have impressed Mrs Forster this week because you are so polite and thoughtful when you speak to others! Billy Robins-you’ve impressed Miss Slater with your kind and caring attitude and for always being a positive role model! Keep up the amazing work year 5!

Year 6: Layla Nilsson, you’ve impressed Miss Hetherington this week as you always find nice things to say about everyone!Jake McGregor, you have impressed Mrs Watson this week as you had such a lovely manner when helping your partner in maths-you were so supportive! Lilly Carr, you have impressed Mrs Barker this week as you are always kind to everyone! Well done all of you!

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Reception: Adam Alderi-you are a star this week for being so brave-well done Adam! Sofia Ball-you have been amazing this week and have produced some excellent work-well done Sofia! Alisha Smith-you have impressed this week for trying so hard in everything you do! Well done everyone, your adults are so proud!

Year 1: Samuel Burlinson, you have made a wonderful effort in maths this week and Mrs Jardine says you are trying so hard-well done! Frankie Mason, you have been working so hard with Miss Dryden on your language and letters and Miss Atkinson is so proud-well done you two!

Year 2: Corey Davies-you have impressed Miss Brook this week with your outstanding sentences in RWI-she says you gave 100% and she was very impressed with how you used your Fred fingers to support yourself-well done, Corey! Tommy Lusby-your determination in maths this week has impressed Miss Turner this week-you worked so hard on your addition fact families-well done! Well done boys, keep it up!

Year 3: Ellie Taylor-you have massively impressed Mrs Foxton and Mrs Mahone this week with your amazing contributions to every lesson! You have a fantastic attitude to learning! Riley Whitfield-you have an excellent attitude and have worked brilliantly in literacy this week-Mrs Stephenson says it has been great to see how proud you were of your own work-well done! Great efforts year 3!

Year 4: Mia Jarvis-you have impressed Mrs Smith this week by just being you-your bubbly and energetic personality cheers everyone up around you-well done Mia! Jayden Doran-you have massively impressed Mrs Waddell and Mrs Seaman this week with your effort in literacy this week-your Nelson Mandela biography was great! Lexi Lee-your super science work on classification keys has impressed Mrs Moran this week, you created an excellent key using animal pictures-well done! Another great week year 4!

Esme Dodds-your positivity for reading has made Mr King happy this week-you are loving reading and it fills the class with joy-well done Esme! Aaron Wilkinson-you are a star this week according to Miss Slater for the effort you put into your homework-every piece is amazing! Well done, Aaron! Jayden Docherty, you have also impressed Miss Slater this week for teying so hard in maths when finding common factors-amazing effort Jayden! Miss Forster’s whole class have impressed her this week for their amazing effort in topic this week-you have all made her extremely proud!

Year 6: Lilly Carr-Miss Hetherington is grinning from ear to ear this week because of your amazing effort in all subjects; particularly maths! Your second certificate this week-well done Lilly! Lucas Cromack-you have impressed Mrs Barker this week with your amazing narrative work on The Highwayman-she has really enjoyed reading what you produced-well done Lucas! Phoebe Sommerford-you have impressed Mrs Watson this week with your fantastic attitude towards your reading and writing-she is very proud, well done Phoebe! Well done Year 6!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Theon Luckham-Mr Robson’s socks were blown off with you being a Times Tables Rock Stars rock star with a time of 0.91 seconds per question-AMAZING!! Well done, Theon! Logan Crooks-Mr Robson is so impressed with your amazing homework about South Africa-it was eye-catching and contained brilliant information-he now knows a lot more about the country from your unbelievable effort-well done! Well done boys!


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