Rewards 26th March 2021

This week in school has had an Easter theme and it has been wonderful! We have all been learning about the Easter Story and making lots of Easter crafts for our Easter Fair-well done everyone!

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: L’Jai Lockwood, this certificate is for trying really hard with your maths all week-keep it up and vert well done! Jessica Flynn and Broden Newton-you have both had a fantastic final week at Southwick and we are so sad to see you go but we know you will both be absolute stars and your new schools are so very lucky to have you!

Year 2: Rio Archer, this is for your amazing retell of the Easter Story-you impressed us all with your use of inverted commas-well done, Rio! Harry Brown, this certificate is for being a wonderful helper in PE. Mr Sykes was so impressed and so are we-well done, Harry!

Year 3: Riley Whitfield, you have been a great member of year 3 and we will all miss you. You will have a fabulous time at your new school and they are very lucky to have you! Zander Tumwiyuke, you were a fabulous mini teacher when cross stitching-you really enjoyed helping people and they all really enjoyed being helped by you-well done, Zander! Holly Patterson, you have been an absolute superstar ALL WEEK! You have created some very impressive descriptive sentences in literacy and we are all so proud!

Year 4: Macie Crinson, your excellent literacy work this week and fantastic imaginative vocabulary have been fab-well done, Macie! Lily Brewis, you have earned your certificate this week for your fantastic numeracy has earned you this certificate-you are a superstar-well done, Lily! Amy Flood, this is for simply being you! You are extremely hard working and always give 100% in everything you do-well done Amy!

Year 5: Abby Sommerford, you always put 100% into everything you do! You are a joy to teach! Well done, Abby! Ashton Daley, your fantastic addition work has been great! You are a star! Well done, Ashton! Johnjoe McKinnell, you have worked your socks off in maths this week and we are all so very proud! Keep it up Johnjoe! Oliver Dennis, you have worked your socks off in guided reading and we are all so proud-you are a star!

Year 6: Kaila Clark, your efforts when telling the time this week have been amazing! You can now convert between a variety of time units-well done! Carlton Rowe, you have been amazing in literacy this week and you’ve tried so hard with your handwriting too-well done! Kia Fox, you have tried exceptionally hard with your literacy this week and we are all so very proud of you-well done, Kia! Olivia Duke, your amazing resilience in maths has earned you this certificate-we love how you never give up! Well done Olivia!

This week’s Jigsaw Superstars are…

Year 1: Gracie McBride, you have followed the class charter all week and have been very kind to your friends too-keep it up Gracie and well done! Leilah Smith, you always follow our school rules and always try your best-you are a superstar, well done!

Year 2: Carly Bewick, you supported your friend during ICT and you always make tohe right choices-well done, Carly! Isaac Brown, you have tried hard and made the right choice this week AND you have been such a kind friend on the yard! We are so proud of you-keep it up!

Year 3: Faith Davies, you are always a kind and considerate friend. You always use kind words and allow everyone to play and join in! Well done, Faith! Jayden Tumwijukye, you were so supportive during the cross stitch lessons and you were so supportive of all of your class mates-well done, Jayden!

Year 4: Kayden Brown, this is for being an absolute star! You always allow others to learn and follow our charter-well done! Lily Rain, you always follow the school rules and you’re an excellent role model all the time! Well done, Lily! Theon Luckham, you give 100% in every thing you do and you always allow others to learn and follow the learning charter, well done Theon, you are amazing!

Year 5: Vincent Gowland, you always have such a positive attitude and you always keep trying, even when you find something hard-well done, Vincent! Ahmed Aldiri, you have amazing resilience and are always happy and positive about every lesson and task you do-keep it up, Ahmed, you are a star!

Year 6: Millie Ross, this is for always celebrating people’s differences and always congratulating people for doing well-keep up the good work, Millie! Layla Nilsson, you are always so helpful to everyone. You constantly use kind words and you are an asset to year 6-what a lovely friend you are! Joshua Dickinson, this is for simply being you! You are a fantastic role model and you’re always kind to everyone! Well done!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Amy Flood has knocked Mr Robson’s socks off this week with her amazing setting description of the inside of a pyramid for her adventure story set in Egypt. She used excellent vocabulary choices and her fronted adverbials were amazing! Well done Amy!

Jayden Docherty has also amazed this week with his excellent writing about an alien named Bob-your work was fantastic and so beautifully presented-well done, Jayden!

Well that is the spring term finished-we cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and wish all of you a very happy and safe Easter break!


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