Rewards 24th September 2021

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Reception: Gracie-Jay Foster, this certificate is for being kind, helpful and a wonderful role model in our Elephant group! Good girl, Gracie! Allena Potts, you are a fantastic friend! You are a pleasure to have in our school-well done, Allena! Lily Coates, this certificate is for having a lovely attitude to your learning-you are a star! Well done, Lily! Darci-Mae Lee, this certificate is for being so kind and helpful to your friends and grown ups! Well done!

Year 1: Freya Rainton, this is for working very hard in your maths lessons, you were able to work as a team and by yourself-that’s fantastic, Freya, well done!

Year 2: Jenson Bates-Whitfield, this is for trying really hard everyday with your RWI work-keep it up, well done Jenson! Ronnie Smith, you have had amazing RWI work all week! You have used your phonic knowledge to complete your learning tasks independently-well done, Ronnie!

Year 3: Jack Geeson, your amazing attitude during your netball lesson has earned you this certificate. You followed instructions well and have made us all proud-well done, Jack! Tommy Lusby, your attitude towards your home reading has been amazing this week-you are a reading star!

Year 4: Alisha Drinkald and Frankie Strong-you two have earned a certificate this week for being fabulous friends to Bahar! You have welcomed her beautifully into our school and have been a credit to us all-thank you girls, we are so very proud! Carter Mason, this is for your fabulous knowledge during literacy this week-you have been amazing everyday-you are a star! Well done, Carter! Alice Brown, you have had an amazing week in literacy and have shown fantastic effort-you should be very proud of your efforts-we are! Well done, Alice!

Year 5: Frazer brown, this is for your fantastic responses to questions in literacy this week-you are always so enthusiastic-keep it up Frazer you absolute star! Brendan Dorothy, you have been wonderful in science this week-your contributions are excellent and move everyone’s learning along-keep shining Brendan! Class 13, this is for your beautiful performance of ‘One Little Voice’ in front of the whole school this week-you were wonderful! Stephen Carter, this is for working your socks off in maths-you are amazing and we are so proud! Well done, Stephen!

Year 6: Alyx Thompson, this is for your fantastic geography work this week-your atlas work was fabulous! Well done, Alyx! Ahmed Aldiri, this is for your enthusiasm when locating the countries and languages of South America-your atlas skills were fabulos and you supported everyone in class beautifully-well done, Ahmed!


This week’s Jigsaw focus was to try and make our community a better place. Our school community is fantastic but we had lots of ideas and suggestions about how we can make it even better too!

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to….

Reception: Myla Davies, you always help to keep our classroom tidy and make sure everything goes in the correct place-you are a star! Well done, Myla!

Year 1: Lorii Quin, you are always helpful and kind to everyone and this makes our classroom an amazing place to be-thank you, Lorii! Birsen Askoy, you always help to tidy the yard of all the equipment and this certainly makes our community better-thank you Birsen!

Year 2: Sarah Turnbull, you make our community better as you are kind and considerate to everyone-you are a star! Well done, Sarah!

Year 3: Rio Archer, you make our community a better place by always watering the plants in school-this is such an important job Rio-thank you! Elzhieta Nayir, you make our community better by observing the bird feeders and refilling them-this is very important for the wildlife in our community-well done!

Year 4: Aryanna Kyriakides, you improve our school community by suggesting ideas on how to keep our school safe, clean and tidy-well done, Aryanna! Hollie Patterson, you try to make our community a better place and not only our school community-you have lots of suggestions on how to improve our local community too-well done!

Year 5: Lily Brewis, you are always polite and friendly to everyone you meet and this certainly improves our community-thank you Lily! Fletcher Murphy, you are so kind, considerate and respectful and this has a huge impact on our community. You are a star Fletcher!

Year 6: The whole of year 6! You have made our entire community a better place with the effort and enthusiasm you have all put into our Macmillan coffee morning-you are all amazing! Well done, everyone!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

This week our youngest children in school made Mr Robson smile, Hallie and Alex have been working hard on creating robots, after showing interests in them after the story ‘No-Bot’. Well done you two, these creations are amazing!

It is a sad day for Southwick Primary School today as Mr Kerby is leaving us to join the Police Force! You will be such a huge miss Mr Kerby but we wish you good luck in your new venture! Mr Kerby received his merit certificate today for all of the help he has given everyone in our school-good luck and thank you!


Our attendance winners this week are class 13 with 99.5% attendance this week-well done all of you!


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