Rewards 19th November 2021

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

EYFS: Nyah Lee Wright and Cassius King, you were a wonderful bride and groom in our Christian wedding-well done both of you! Penelope Sykes, you were amazing this week when learning about 1 more! Well done, Penelope! Harper Harrison, you have had a great week in RWI-well done, Harper! Harry Redwin, you have had a lovely settled week and your behaviour choices have been amazing! Well done, Harry!

Year 1: Ronnie Green, you have impressed everyone this week with your nursery rhymes and for your excellent instruction following at The Beacon of Light! Well done Ronnie! Louie Clark, this is for trying your best at the nursery rhyme day-your football skills were also amazing! Well done, Louie! CJ Stubbs, this is for your practicing of pure sounds in RWI sessions-you were amazing! Well done, CJ!

Year 2: Frankie Mason, you have such a positive attitude every day in school-we love seeing your beautiful smile! Well done, Frankie! Natalia Dinsdale, this is for your fantastic sequencing of Little Red Riding Hood this week-you have impressed us all! Well done Natalia!

Year 3: Jesse Brettwood, you wrote a fabulous diary entry in the perspective of a WWI soldier-well done, Jesse-keep up the fabulous work! Kai Johnson, you have tried so hard in your RWI lessons and you have been reading at home everyday! You are a ‘fredding’ superstar! Well done, Kai!

Year 4: Jayden and Zander Tumwijukye, you both made fantastic models of a volcano at home and really put 100% effort into it-you are both absolute stars! Well done, Jayden and Zander!

Year 5: Harley Leadbitter, you try so hard in all subjects and you are an absolute star! Well done, Harley! Corey Clark, this is for your super note taking in history about the causes of WWII-you are fantastic! Well done, Corey! Theon Luckham, this is for the excellent homework you have brought in again this week-you blow us away with your efforts at home and the sheer volume of work that you do! Well done, Theon!

Year 6: Eden Sampson, this is for your amazing contributions in science-especially during investigations-well done, Eden! Samanta Borsut, this is for simply being you! You are a kind, caring and considerate young lady and we are very lucky to have you! Well done, Samanta!


This wek’s focus is to know how to help if someone is being bullied. Thankfully we are amazing at this and really look out for one another

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Adam Alderi, you are always conscious of other people and their feelings-you are a lovely boy-thank you Adam! Harper Ditch, you care about your friends and always think about their feelings-thank you Harper! Spencer King, you know how to use kind words and you use them often-thank you Spencer!

Year 2: Jenson Bates-Whitfield, you always speak to a grown up with any concerns you have-a very sensible thing to do-thank you Jenson!

Year 3: Neeve Conlon, you always support your friends and look out for them-you are amazing! Well done, Neeve! Aston Burlinson, you always tell a grown up if you uspect anyone is being unkind-thank you Aston!

Year 4: Ellie Taylor, you wrote a brilliant list of ways you could help a friend-well done, Ellie! Henry Gowland, you know what to do and who to go to if you suspect someone is being unkind-well done, Henry!

Year 5: Molly Skinner, you are such a kind and caring friend who always lends a hand to others-thank you Molly! Usha Quinn-Tayo, you are a kind and caring friend and always look out for everyone-thank you Usha! Kenzie Phillips, you gave such thoughtful and mature responses in our class discussion which has helped everyone understand what they can do if they are worried-well done, Kenzie!

Year 6, Marcus Anderson, you identified someone who was being bullied outside of school and knew how to help them-thank you Marcus! Alanah Drennan, you always check everyone is okay if you are worried-thank you Alanah!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Olivia Kennedy in year 3 has knocked Mr Robson’s socks off this week with her wonderful diary entry in role as a soldier from WWI-it was amazing Olivia-well done!

Tiffany Luckham in year 6 produced a wonderful kindness poster about the importance of kindness with photos, collage, bracelets and other wonderful things on it-it was amazing! Well done Tiffany!


This week’s winners are Class 15 with 93%-well done class 15! Here they are enjoying their well-earned hot chocolate and biscuits!


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