Rewards 18th June 2021

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Leilah Smith, this certificate is for completing an amazing description about what you can find in a rock pool-it was brilliant-well done, Leilah! Nour Sharaf, this is for your very hard with your RWI work, we are very proud, well done!

Year 2: Tommy Lusby, this is for always including all of your success criteria elements within your writing-we are so very proud-well done Tommy! Sophia McDade, this is for using your wonderful imagination within your writing each week-we love reading your work-keep it up!

Year 3: Zachery and Lacey Clark, this certificate is for your fantastic knowledge and enthusiasm during science lessons; it’s like you have swallowed a text book-well done both of you! Riley Whitfield, this is for your improved effort and attitude in literacy. You are trying really hard to produce a great non-chronological report! Well done, Riley!

Year 4: Molly Skinner, your amazing atlas skills have earned you your certificate this week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and supporting the rest of year 4! Logan Crooks, this is for proving you are a fantastic geographer when using an atlas-you are a star! Jasie-Leigh Roberts, your excellent atlas skills have earned you this certificate. You were able to locate all of the major rivers of the UK-well done!

Year 5: Elody Johnson, you have worked your socks off this week in maths when converting mixed numbers and improper fractions-you are a star! Tiffany Luckham, this is for being such a fantastic helper during our sewing lessons, thank you! Well done, Tiffany! Landi Mangure, this is for trying really hard when calculating tricky problems involving fractions in maths-well done, Landi! Ahmed Alderi, this certificate is for your fantastic improvement with your handwriting, we are all so very proud of you, well done, Ahmed!

Year 6: Aaron Williams, your excellent attitude towards your maths has earned you your certificate this week. You always share your useful mental strategies and you never give up! You are a maths whizz! Layton Hubbert, this is for always contributing to class discussions and blowing our minds with your amazing facts-well done, Layton! Mrs Barker’s Literacy Set, this is for the amazing work you have all completed on ‘Francis’ this week. We couldn’t be prouder-well done everyone!


This weeks Jigsaw focus was to express how we feel when change happens. We are very lucky as our children are absolute Zones of Regulation super stars and using this focus has massively helped all children recognise changes in themselves.

Year 1: Jade Pearson, you can express how you feel and you can explain why you are feeling the way you are to your teachers, well done, Jade! Ivan Glover, you are great at telling people how you are feeling-you are a star!

Year 2: Aj Harrison, you know changes happen and you are able to speak to a grown up to tell them how you feel, well done, Aj! Rio Archer, you can also tell grown ups how you feel-you are so good at expressing your feelings-well done, Rio!

Year 3: Lacey Clark, you always express how you are feeling and you are able to link your feeling to the Zones of Regulation-well done, Lacey! Larna Scott, you are always able to discuss your feelings openly-what a mature thing to do! Well done, Larna!

Year 4: Amy Flood, you adapt to change easily and support others brilliantly when change happens-well done, Amy! Lucas Jarvis, you have adapted excellently to all changes all year! You are a very mature and sensible young man! Well done, Lucas! Kasey-Ann Swalwell, you can actively seek advice and support when you need it-you are amazing!

Year 5: Samanta Borsut, you are always willing to share how you feel, which always helps others know they are not alone-well done, Samanta! Abigail Luckham, you help and support others when they experience changes-thank you-you are a star!

Year 6: Milly May Bell, you are able to openly talk about how you feel about moving on to secondary school-you will be amazing! Kia Fox, you are constantly asking questions about transition which massively helps everyone! well done, Kia! Class 14, you have completed lots of work on transition this week and we were all really impressed with your maturity-well done all of you!


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