Rewards 18th December 2020

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Ruby Jurdison, you have been awarded this certificate from Miss Atkinson as you are always polite to everyone in school-well done Ruby! Mrs Jardine is proud of Keeron Roberts this week as you always care about everyone in year 1-well done Keeron! Keep it up year 1!

Year 2: Aj Harrison, you have impressed Miss Brook this week as you are always caring, kind and polite-a brilliant way to be, Aj! Tommy Lusby, you have made Miss Turner smile this week as you always find kind things to say about your friends and grown ups-well done Tommy!

Year 3: Lucas Dawson, you have impressed Mrs Foxton and Mrs Mahone this week as you are such a kind friend and always have kind things to say about everyone-well done Lucas! Mrs Stephenson is so proud of Zander Tumwyukye this week as you are always kind and caring towards everyone-well done Zander! Well done year 3!

Year 4: Kenzie Phillips, you have massively impressed Mrs Smith this week as you always take notice of when your kind words are needed to get people back into the green zone-well done Kenzie! Lucas Jarvis-you have impressed Mrs Waddell and Mrs Seaman this week as you always celebrate your friends’ achievements with beautiful words-well done Lucas! Lexie Johnson, you have impressed Mrs Moran this week as you show so much love towards other people-well done Lexie! Well done all of you!

Year 5: Abby Sommerford, you have impressed Mr King this week as you always use lots of kind words and respect other children-well done! Layla Brown, you have impressed Miss Slater this week as you are always such a well-mannered, kind and caring friend-well done, Layla! Ahmed Alderi, you have impressed Miss Forster this week as you always make her smile because you are such a kind and thoughtful member of year 5-well done, Ahmed! Well done year 5!

Year 6: Class 13, you have all impressed Miss Hetherington this week as you are all learning to say kind words to one another-well done all of you! Class 14, you have all impressed Mrs Barker as you have all had a fantastic term and have shown lots of kindness towrds each other. Well done to everyone in year 6-keep it up!

This week’s Merit certificates have been awarded to…

Reception: All of the children in Reception have made everyone smile this week with their AMAZING efforts in their nativity-we all agree you were all fabulous-well done Reception!

Year 1: Lily Shakesby, Mrs Jardine is over the moon with you this week as you have been trying your best with all your tasks-well done, Lily! Gracie McBride, you have impressed Miss Atkinson as you are always trying to make the right choices-well done, Gracie!

Year 2: Talia Drinkald, you have impressed Miss Turner this week with your outstanding effort in maths!-you have impressed your grown ups with your mental maths skills-well done, Talia! Sonny Robins, you have impressed Miss Brook this week with your amazing letter to Santa- you used your sounds well to produce a beautiful piece of work-well done! Layad Mangure, you have also impressed Miss Brook this week with your letter to Santa- you included some wonderful adjectives to describe the gifts you would like-well done! Great effort again this week year 2!

Year 3: Bobby Gordon Watts-you have impressed Mrs Foxton and Mrs Mahone by always helping around the classroom and being their mini teaching assistant-we can’t wait until you are in year 4 Bobby-well done! Frankie Strong, you have impressed Mrs Stephenson this week with your fabulous effort with home-reading. You are trying so hard both at school and at home-well done Frankie! Well done year 3-keep it up!

Year 4: Logan Foot, you have impressed Mrs Smith with not only your AMAZING art skills but the fact that you help and support everyone in class with their art too-you really are a very kind young man! Isla Latimer, you have impressed Mrs Seaman and Mrs Waddell by being an excellent helper and librarian all term-we really appreciate your help! Cleron Rankin, you have made Mrs Moran smile this week with your positive attitude that makes everyone smile-well done! Keep it up year 4!

Year 5: Ava Gladstone, you have made Mr King smile and feel Christmassy because you have been extra festive and extremely positive-well done, Ava! Hollie Russell, you have put a huge smile on Miss Forster’s face by helping members of your class when they were sewing. You were a massive help and Miss Forster says thank you! Abigail Luckham, Miss Slater is over the moon with you as you are such a wonderful role model, you have a heart of gold and you give your very, very best in EVERYTHING you do-Southwick are lucky to have you! Well done year 5!

Year 6: Ivan Ross, Miss Hetherington says thank you for being such a super helper around the classroom and for everything you do-keep it up Ivan! Lucy Butler, Mrs Barker is going home happy tonight because of your fantastic narrative poem in literacy-very, very well done you star! Maisy McConville, Mrs Watson is smiling even more today because you are always such a kind and helpful member of year 6 and a credit to the year group-well done, Maisy! Great effort again this week year 6!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Mr Robson has been so busy this week with all of the lovely things that have been happening in school. He has had his socks blown off (again!) He is over the moon with Logan Foot and his amazing art skills-he produced an extremely amazing life-like sketch of Mrs Smith that could hang easily in any art gallery with paintings from published artists-you have an amazing talent Logan-well done. It is really hard to believe you are only in year 4!

Corey Clark and Theon Luckham have also blown him away with their retell of the Christmas Story-the effort you both put into your work is commendable and the results are amazing-well done boys!

Mr Robson also had the tricky job of judging the competition set by Mrs Stephenson. Children had the challenge of creating a map for Santa who had crashed on Southwick Green and needed directions to get to our school and deliver presents-thankfully we had amazing entries and Santa got here in time! Mr Robson found it so hard to pick winners as everybody did an amazing job. He was forced to choose though and the winners are…

Key Stage 1: Ella Jenkins
Lower Key Stage 2: Sofia Brown
Upper Key Stage 2: Samanta Borsut

Well done to our winners and thank you and well done to everyone that took part!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our amazing children and families a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year-thank you all for helping us get through a very long and extremely busy term-we can’t wait to see you all in 2021!

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