Rewards 16th July

It’s our last week for this academic tear and we couldn’t be prouder of you all, not just for this week, or this term, but for the whole year!

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

Year 2: Conal Murphy, you have worked so hard to achieve your personal targets this year and have made us so proud! Well done, Conal! James Short, this is for your amazing attitude to learning, wonderful team work and for just being you! Well done, James!

Year 3: Alfie Duke, this is for the amazing attitude and enthusiasm you have shown in all aspects of school this year-well done! Ellie Taylor, this is for the fantastic progress you have made this year due to your determination and brilliant attitude! Well done, Ellie!

Year 4: Molly Skinner, this is for being an absolute star! Your beautiful smile lights up a room and you have kept us going through a really strange year-thank you Molly! Jasie-Leigh Roberts, you are a pleasure to be around and we were so lucky to have taught you-we will miss you! Mia Jarvis, you have been an absolute joy to be around and we would like to say thank you for all the help you have given us over the year-you are an amazing young lady and we will miss you! Well done to everyone in year 4, you will all be missed but we are so excited to see what you achieve in year 5!

Year 5: Vincent Gowland, your resilience and positivity over the past (and crazy!) year has been amazing! You have achieved so much and you should be very proud-well done, Vincent! Class 11, this is for just being you! You have all been amazing this year and we have loved teaching you all, we will miss you! Class 12, this is for all of your hard work this year, we are so proud of your resilience and positivity-you are an amazing bunch! Jamie Sanderson, you have had a fantastic year despite all of its challenges! You have shown what a star you are! Well done, Jamie!

Year 6: Emily Lamb, this is for being literally ‘the last one standing’ you have been amazing through this difficult time, you are a star!


This week’s Jigsaw focus was to look forward to change. Staff and children have mixed emotions; we are all so sad to see our current children or teachers are leaving us and it’s quite daunting to have to move to another year group with new staff and children , but we are all so excited and truly thankful for the time we have all spent together.

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 2: Year 2, you have all matured so much this year and you are all so ready for year 3-we are all so very proud of you and we know you will be absolute stars!

Year 3: Year 3, you have all adapted to so many changes this year and have a great attitude for moving to year 4-we are all very proud of you!

Year 4: Logan Storey, you are so excited for year 5 and it is lovely to see-well done, Logan! Kenzie Phillips, you are embracing the change even though you don’t want to leave us-we will miss you, Kenzie-keep being you! Jae Gladstone, you are so positive about next year, even though you are nervous-show year 5 what you are made of and make us proud!

Year 5: Jasie Leigh Conlon, you have been a fantastic role model this year and we just know how amazing you will be in year 6-we will miss you!

Head Teacher Shout Out!

Well done to Theon Luckham for moving up to stage 5 in his swimming-another great achievement Theon-keep it up as it is such an important life skill!

Well what a crazy year it has been (again!) We are speechless at the sheer resilience and strength of every single member of our school community! Every single pupil of Southwick Primary School should hold their head high and be immensely proud of the way they have conducted themselves, both in and out of school-these have been unprecedented times and we could not be any prouder of all of you! Thank you for making our year another one to remember for all the right reasons. Thanks to all of our parents and carers for all of the support you continue to give, we are truly honoured to work with your amazing children and yourselves.

Have a safe and fantastic break ; we can’t wait to see you all again in September!


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