Rewards 13th January 2022

This week’s merit certificates have been awarded to…

EYFS: Cayson Stubbs, you have worked so hard with your RWI sounds-well done, Cayson! Marley Barrs, you gave excellent answers in our Africa learning-well done, Marley! Gracie Jay Forster, you are a fantastic role model and you always try your best-well done, Gracie! Taylor Lusby, you have settled into your new maths class with ease and you are working very hard-well done, Taylor!

Year 1: Maddox Ellison, you have been using counters to find all of the different number bonds to 10-well done, Maddox! Lincoln Percy, you have tried your very best when reading and you have been a wonderful perfect partner! Well done, Lincoln! Georgie Hylton, you are always ready to learn and we are so proud! Well done, Georgie!

Year 2: Jenson Bates-Whitfield, this is for your excellent knowledge on Charles Darwin-well done Jenson! Keeron Roberts, you have worked brilliantly in RWI this week-well done, Keeron!

Year 3: Michael Graham, you have had a sensational week in school and your levels of enthusiasm have been wonderful! Well done, Michael! Siana Middleton, you have tried so hard in all lessons this week-you are a star! Well done, Siana!

Year 4: Alfie Duke, you have worked hard and have had a wonderful attitude-well done, Alfie! You have impressed all of the year 4 staff this week Alfie as you have also been awarded a certificate for your wonderful geography work this week too-a brilliant achievement-well done, Alfie!

Year 5: Stephen Carter, you have been working your socks off for our ‘Crazy Continents’ week and you have learned so much! Well done, Stephen! Evie Harrison, your Accelerated Reader scores have been excellent and you have always returned your home reader-well done, Evie! Lilly Rain, you have worked really hard and found out lots of facts about North America! Well done, Lilly!

Year 6: Jayden Docherty, you have worked so hard in maths this week and have really impressed us all! Well done, Jayden! Mercedes James, your setting description linked to The Highwayman was wonderful was amazing-well done! Jayden Isherwood, your literacy has been brilliant this week-you have really challenged yourself-well done, Jayden!


This week’s focus has been to keep trying, even when things are difficult. This is a really hard skill but one that we are getting better with all of the time!

This week’s Jigsaw certificates have been awarded to…

Year 1: Lincoln Bell, you keep going and work your socks off but you always know when to ask for help! Well done, Lincoln! Louie Tench, you never gave up-especially when trying to perfect your handwriting! Well done, Louie! Adam Aldiri, you wrote lots of difficult number sentences and didn’t give up! Well done, Adam!

Year 2: Lucas Brown-you are relentless-you try, and try, and try until you do things! You are a star! Lola Smith, you always try so hard in everything you do! Well done, Lola!

Year 3: Aston Burlinson, you have a never give up attitude-even when you face challenges! Well done, Aston! Mrs Mahone’s Maths Group, you have all worked so hard during a tricky week’s work! Well done all of you!

Year 4: Larna Scott, you always try your best in everything you do-even when it’s hard! Well done, Larna! Bryony Anderson, you never give up and you always look to improve even further-well done, Bryony!

Year 5: Jasmine Doughty, you have persevered with some tricky maths problems this week-well done, Jasmine! Amy Flood, you used some great strategies to keep you going and help with tricky time work this week-well done, Amy! Logan Foot, you have worked so hard in maths with really hard fractions and we are so proud! Well done, Logan!

Year 6: Mercedes James-you have kept trying with our really hard maths this week-well done, Mercedes! Oliver Dennis, you keep trying even when it is difficult and your setting description is testament to this-it was wonderful! Marcus Anderson, you have tried so hard in everything this week-with a big smile too-well done, Marcus!

Head Teacher Shoutout!

Mr Robson has been amazed by children throughout the school this week with amazing attitudes and wonderful work. Ashton Daley in year 6 has amazed him with his brilliant setting description based on The Highwayman; his use of personification, metaphor and his vocabulary choices were amazing! Well done, Ashton!


This week’s winners are Class 16 and Class 2 both with 98%-well done all of you!


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