Outdoor Learning Challenge

During the half term holidays, we would like you to participate in as many outdoor activities as you can.

Below are a list of activities you can take part in, please complete a minimum of 2 activities.

Colour in the boxes to show which activities you have completed and email your pictures to us by Monday 2nd March.

If you complete any other outdoor activities, please send your pictures to us and we will include them below.

Email your pictures to photos@southwickprimary.co.uk
Paint some pebbles and turn them into colourful creatures. Take some paper outside and do a landscape drawing. Sketch some flowers or plants. Draw a map of your route to school. Chalk some patterns, pictures and words on the ground.
Make shadow shapes on a wall and, if possible, ask an adult to take some photographs. Create a habitat for your favourite creature. Make a collage of some of the living things you can see when outside. Make an eye-catching wind chime using natural objects you can find. Lie back and see what shapes you can see in the clouds draw or describe what you see.
Fill an empty washing-up liquid bottle up with water and write words on the ground. Hunt for bugs in the garden, park or woods with an adult. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Make a den outdoors. Go outside at night with an adult and see if you can see the stars. Can you name any of the constellations?

Your Photographs