Year 6 had a visit from Redhouse Comp…

Miss Young and Mr Marley from Redhouse Comprehensive joined us today for Science Week. We looked at bacteria that the staff had grown from swabs from different places around their school. We knew bacteria grows because it is a living micro-organism.

We looked at pictures from petri dishes grown from the different places and tried to match them up with their labels-we were shocked to see the phone case and key board produced the most! The taps and sinks in the toilets produced the least and this shocked (and reassured) us too!

We then played a science version of Among Us to explore how fast bacteria and infection could spread. Two anonymous people were infected and we had to share solution from our boiling tubes with the rest of the class. We then added iodine to our solution and black meant we were infected, brown meant no infection. We were shocked to see how quickly the infection had spread! We were able to narrow the suspects to 4 of us but couldn’t identify the actual infectious! We had a great session and cannot wait to get to comp to do even more exciting things!


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