World Book Day…from Home

I am so glad to see that so many of you dressed up at home too. It was great to see all of your photographs on the school email account. Reading is so important and World Book Day just goes to show how fun it can be!

Thank you to EVERYONE at home that dressed up, designed a book cover, coloured in a book character, made a book character and even just spent the day with a cup of tea reading a book. You have ALL been amazing!

Remember that reading is so important and can take you on all sorts of wonderful adventures,

Miss Hetherington 🙂

Horrid Henry when he turns into a Dinosaur!!!
What a scary Miss Trunchbull!
Looking good!
What a great collection of books!
I wonder if she has found the bears?
Does anyone know who this crazy man is?
Miss Honey is from one of my favourite books 🙂
Green ham and eggs???
Looking good Granny!
To Infinity…
Do you know any spells?
I love your outfits!
This is just great – well done Josh!
I LOVE how much you LOVE Harry Potter Olivia!

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