Look what we’ve been up to in Year 4!

Dance Festival

We attended a Dance Festival at The Beacon of Light. We learnt 2 new dances and had lots of fun! One was especially for Hallowe’en taken from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the last song was Witch Doctor.

Attendance winners!!

Class 10 won the attendance prize this week as they had the highest attendance across the whole school!

Their prize was hot chocolate and biscuits this afternoon, yummy!

Hello Yellow Day!

The children have all helped to support Hello Yellow Day by donating to wear something yellow and purchasing ‘worry worms’ from the Year 6 children.

1st October 2021

We have been scientists/historians today!

Today we continued and extended our learning about mummification. We set up an observation investigation to find out the effect natron has on preservation (just like when it was used to mummify Ancient Egyptians).

Instead of using an Ancient Egyptian body, we used tomatoes instead.

First, we chopped off the top of the tomato (as if we were making a cut in the body).

Next, we scooped out the inside of the tomato (as if we were removing the internal organs).

Then, we rubbed natron inside and outside of the tomato (just like the Ancient Egyptians would have done).

Finally, we wrapped one tomato up in paper towel (as if we were wrapping up in linen).

We have also kept a control tomato that has not had the natron and the wrapping to observe the differences in the two. We all predicted that the tomato that had been mummified would rot away slower than the other, but we can’t wait to keep observing them.

30th September 2021

We have continued our learning about Ancient Egypt and today we looked at the Mummification process. We were horrified to learn about the different steps of mummification and felt glad that we didn’t live during this time and have to go through this!

We are all able to confidently discuss the process of mummification and why the Ancient Egyptians chose to do this.

Once we had discussed the process, we were able to have a try for ourselves (without removing the organs of course!)

29th September 2021

Today we have been making Egyptian bread. We worked together to follow a recipe and we even measured our own ingredients. Some of us added ingredients such as honey, dates and olives to add more taste to our bread.

Once we had made our bread, we evaluated it, thinking carefully about what we liked, disliked and what we would change if we could make it again.

Some of us liked it so much that we asked the teachers to share the recipe online so we could make it again at home!

20th September 2021

Year 4 have been practising their artistic skills today. We have been learning all about tone and shading. We worked hard to change the pressure we were putting on our pencils to create different tones.

We then began to look at different techniques that artists use to add shade to their sketches. Our favourite was ‘stippling’ because it made a lot of noise!

Once we had practised our shading techniques, it was time to put our new skills to work. We sketched a still life object and then used these techniques to shade it. Take a look at some of our creations.

We are historians

Our new topic in Year 4 is Ancient Egypt. We have found it so interesting looking at the different artefacts and historical sources linked to Ancient Egypt.

16th September 2021

This afternoon, we have been mini historians. We have been observing and analysing Egyptian art. We thought carefully about what we could see and what this may tell us about the Ancient Egyptians.

Welcome back!

The children have settled back into school great and are already impressing all of the adults in Year 4! They have been telling us all about their fabulous summer holidays.

Our well-deserved trip to Thompson Park…

We all deserved a treat and that’s what we had! Ice lollies, played basket ball, explored the park and played on the play park-we had a wonderful time and the weather was fantastic!


From a sea shanty to an African call and response song and a rap-we did it all today and we loved it!


Music: body percussion…

Today we worked on using our body as percussion to find the beat of the sea shanty, The Wellerman by Nathan Evans-we were very creative and had a wonderful time!

Tag Rugby…

Circuit Training…

Last day of health week and we are experiencing another way to keep fit. From planks, to star jumps, bench steps and sprints-we are doing 60 seconds on each!

Bouncy Castle…

Another way to stay fit is jumping! What fun we had! When we weren’t on the castle we were enjoying circus skills!

Climbing wall…

Today we had a visit from The Sunderland Climbing Wall as part of Health Week. Some of us were so nervous but ALL of us conquered our fears and got higher and more confident each time we got back on it!


Sunderland Change4Life regularly visit to reinforce in school learning around a healthy lifestyle. This visit allowed us to revisit the food groups and look at the effects of sugar, salt and fat on our bodies. We looked at 1lb of muscle and 1lb of fat and what the benefits of the muscle were and the dangers of the fat. We saw a replica of arteries and a heart that were covered in fat due to a high fat content diet. We all pledged to make just 1 change; from drinking more water, eating fewer sweets and moving more-we were amazing!

Disability Sport…

The Foundation of Light work with us to enable our children to experience a range of sports but with a disability. They encourage the children to wear blindfolds to experience blindness whilst playing sport and some of the games they played on their bottoms to experience what it is like for those children who difficulty using their legs. It is a great experience and one that really stirs empathy and understanding even further in our children.

The Big Sing!

Year 4 took part in this year’s Big Sing with a host of other schools (digitally of course!) and we were wonderful!

The wonderful world of human digestion!…

We have been learning all about the parts of the digestive system and their functions! What better way to show what we have learned than actually showing digestion in action! We used our hands as the teeth and transferred the chewed up food to the stomach where we added stomach acid (fresh orange juice). We then closed the bag (stomach) and churned the food in the acid to make it into a liquid. We then transferred the liquefied food to the small intestine (tights) and watched all of the vitamins and nutrients come out. We then moved the food to the large intestine (the lower part of the tights) where the water was extracted. Then we pushed our waste out of a hole in the tights (the anus). It was disgusting but we LOVED it!

Working Together…

This week some of the children have really been captivated by a little construction work…

It has been amazing to watch our boys and girls at work, listen to their ideas and watch them work fantastically as a team. Their creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness and leadership skills were all on display as they built up their own dens and bases.


In literacy, we have learned all about Germany! We created double paged reports on the things about Germany we enjoyed learning…

In maths, Mrs Smith’s group have been learning about money and giving change. We looked at a range of German foods and their cost in Euros. We totaled items using column addition and found change using column subtraction-we were amazing!

We sampled a range of foods from Deutschland including: Bavarian smoked and Emmental cheese, pretzels, apple strudle and a selection of meats and sausage. We had mixed reactions but most people liked everything!

In Europe week we have been learning all about Germany. As well as researching the country, we have also experienced a little German culture. Here we are rehearsing and performing a Polka dance –

Recorded by – Logan Storey

We have also been introduced to work of German composer Hans Zimmer, who has worked on scores for movies such as Pirates of the Carribean, Inception and The Dark Knight. Each class had three different pieces of music to listen to. We discussed how the music made us feel and how we could re-create the movements on paper. We listened for a 2nd time and created our own individual emotive artwork for each piece.


William Shakespeare…

In Shakespeare week we all looked at the writer and his life and work. We all created a poster about him and then in our literacy groups we did different aspects of his work.

Shakespeare continued…

Mrs Smith’s literacy group looked at Macbeth and wrote 3 diary entries in role as the main character. the first was when he had met the witches, killed King Duncan and became King-he was elated and felt powerful and unstoppable! The second was when he had killed Banquo and his ghost had tormented him and he was consumed with guilt. The 3rd was when his wife could no longer bear the guilt and when he sees one of the witches second prophesies coming true-he is in the depths of despair!

Shakespeare continued…

Mrs Seaman and Waddell’s literacy group had a big focus on vocabulary. They looked at the meanings of the fantastic words they were given and built sentences about the witches from Macbeth. They then built their amazing sentences into fantastic character descriptions!

Solids, liquids and gases…

We are looking at states of ,matter in science. We looked at how the particles within each state move and the amount of energy they have. Then we sorted different objects and things into whether they are a solid, liquid or a gas!

Money, money, money…

Mrs Smith’s maths group have been learning about money and we are amazing! This week we have been giving change and we started off slowly-you can see the progress we made over the week too!

The Water Cycle…

We started learning about the water cycle today. It is a hard concept with technical vocabulary so we made a water cycle wheel so we could see each stage and how they are cyclical. We want to see the water cycle in action so we designed a clear bag with a diagram of the water cycle. We will use blue coloured water and tape them to the window to see it in action when the sun works its magic!

The Daily Mile…

10 laps around the yard is a mile-it’s a pity the weather is miserable-but we aren’t! …

Non-chronological reports linked to life in Ancient Egypt…

Some of us have been putting all of the knowledge we have gained in our Ancient Egypt topic into our writing in literacy. We have produced non-chronological reports based on different aspects of life in the era that interested us. They are amazing!

Using a switch in electrical circuits…

Today we looked at how to open and close a circuit as we realised it would be a pain if we couldn’t turn our lights or doorbell off! We were given a piece of card, a paperclip and 2 split pins (as well as the components to make a circuit). We eventually realised the paperclip had to touch both split pins to close-then we had a light bulb moment and made our switches. We had to make several circuits and test to see if it mattered where the switch went in a circuit too-we all predicted it wouldn’t matter and we were right! We were amazed to see our switches worked and we were able to understand how they work in real life! We took our learning a step forward when we were told one of us had to become a component in our circuit! We had another light bulb moment when we saw electricity passes through us too-that’s why we have to be very careful around electricity!


This half term in Music, we have been revisiting playing the Glockenspiel. This is our first performance of a composition using the notes D and E – we are sure you’ll agree we are absolutely amazing!


NSPCC Maths Day 2021…

Today we went maths crazy and raised some money for the NSPCC too! We made maths games for a different class, we practiced maths skills through games and play and we did it all whilst dressed up too. We didn’t disappoint with our outfits either, in true Southwick style-we went all out and looked AMAZING!

Being Egyptologists…

We were very lucky today as we had the opportunity to be real Egyptologists! We got to handle and examine some real Ancient Egyptian artifacts! We wore gloves to help preserve them for generations to come-we thought they were amazing! We looked at what we thought they were, what we thought they would have been used for, what they were made from and who they could have belonged to-our minds were very inquisitive and we thought of some fantastic questions we would like to ask about them!


To hook us into the gruesome and gory world of mummification, we had a competition to see which group could make the best mummy with good old loo roll! We had so much fun-look at the results-even the Pharaohs would have been proud of our efforts!

Games in Maths…

Games in maths to capture our imagination-the best thing is, we don’t even realise we are doing actual work! We were demonstrating our knowledge of column subtraction by creating a calculation (with 8 numbers thrown on a 1-9 dice). We had to be careful where we placed the numbers as we couldn’t change their position and we had to total as close to 5000 to win!


Year 4 have a fantastic time every time they go on the yard! Not one piece of equipment or area is left unused and they love the selection of resources. The weather may have been miserable but we certainly weren’t!

Easter Hunt…

We had an Easter lolly hunt on the yard. To make it harder they had to find their lolly with their name on it-we had great fun!

World Book Day 2021!

We had a whale of a time on World Book Day! We really excelled ourselves with our outfits and took part in some lovely cookery activities linked to stories-we made Turkish Delight as that was what Edward was tempted with in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was delicious! We also shared lots of stories, played quizzes to see who the biggest book worm was and even wrote our own stories! The day was amazing!